I’ve been gone for an entire weekl!  Can you believe it?!  Not only did I not have the time to blog myself, I also didn’t have the time to read many blogs this past week.  Sad smile  Sad times!  I’ll catch up soon enough.

So, you know how I love life lessons (if you didn’t before, you do now).  Well, this week was full of them – both serious (or kind of serious) and funny.  I figured that for my first post back after a week away, I’d share some of these “lessons!!” Smile

1. Don’t leave packing for a week long trip to the last minute.  Trust me.  I did just that last week, and it was rough times the next morning.  Plan ahead, people, plan ahead!

2. Always bring snacks with you to the airport, if not an entire meal.  This especially holds true if you have connecting flights.  I absolutely hate airport food, and yet I always forget my own rule. 

3. Double check your company’s car rental policy.  There may be hidden perks you never knew about such as free upgrades to much nicer cars.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with a Kia that resembles something from the 1980s.  (Note to self – put on to do list for next trip).

4. Working in teams is never easy, but you know what really helps…listening!  I find that my listening skills are subpar sometimes, so I tried to work on that this week.  I maintained eye contact, asked good questions, and really internalized what people were saying.  It worked wonders!  Winking smile

5. Waking up in the morning and getting your workouts out of the way is the best way to go.  It was rough times getting up super early, but at the end of the day, I’m glad I did because evening workouts weren’t going to happen. 

6. Sometimes you have to give people second chances.  I actually wrote someone off after meeting them at our last training because of a misunderstanding.  Then at this training, I ended up having to work with them pretty closely for some activities, and we actually got along really well.  We shared personal stories and a few laughs.  I’ve actually find situations like this happening to me every now and then, and I think I’m finally getting it.  Smile

7. Vegetarianism has not taken the world by storm yet.  Bummer!  I just don’t get it.  The way I see it, meat eaters can eat vegetarian food, but vegetarians can’t eat meat, so why not provide at least one entrée option for the veggies in the group.  But no, I ate sides for lunch every day.  I feel like I need to make up for my major lack of protein – it was slim pickins’ I tell you. 

8. In one of our trainings, we learned about the different work personality types and how to deal with them.  For example, you have the naysayers, the gossipers, the 9-5ers, etc.  But you know what…I learned that the one uppers are the people I can’t stand the most.  They really bother me because everything is a competition and talking to them becomes annoying and uncomfortable.  Why can’t we all just be supportive and happy for one another!?

9. People will look at you funny if you start crying on the plane.  What they don’t know is that you’re reading one of the saddest books ever – Sarah’s Key.  I had tears flowing down my face for about 30 minutes straight, and you know what, I didn’t care what people thought. If you’re interested in learning more about the Holocaust and some of the untold stories, this is the book for you.  But just keep in mind that it will have you relive an incredibly sad time in our world’s history.  I’m only about half way through, but so far so good.

10.  And finally, the best lesson ever.  Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to let your past back into your life.  And yes, I’m talking about Taco Bell.  Now, before you judge me, keep in mind that I hadn’t eaten in over 6 hours, and my only options were Popeye’s Chicken, a Japanese restaurant that didn’t look too appetizing, and my long lost love, Taco Bell.  And I’m not going to lie, it was delicious…yum!

Dallas 016

In other news, I did spend a couple of days in Atlanta this past weekend after training.  And you know what, I learned that I REALLY miss home, especially my parents.  We had a great time doing some wedding stuff and just hanging out.  I can’t wait to go back at the end of September.  Lots of fun things planned for that trip – Wicked, a good friend’s wedding, seeing Vishnu…woot!

Well y’all, I’m happy to report that I will now be back to a semi-normal blogging schedule.  Smile  I know, I know…I just made your night! 

Have a good one!

By Parita

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  1. Ohhh… I am about to be in that crazy work travel mode next week. I feel your pain!

    You reminded me that I need to get tickets to see Wicked! They are advertising it like crazy. If you have time when you’re home, let me know and let’s grab lunch/dinner/drinks.

  2. I had lots of fun this past weekend and looking forward to see you next month. We miss you a lot too my ‘Sunshine’!!!

  3. You learned a lot of great lessons – bringing food along while traveling is one of my rules too! Especially with connecting flights. 🙂 And hey, Taco Bell is necessary sometimes! It’s just how it goes. I usually go with the Mexican Pizza (minus the meat, add beans). 🙂

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