I had today’s blog post all planned out.  I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, but then I got home and checked my mail.  More on that in a minute…

Let’s go back in time for a few minutes, shall we?! 

It’s 1988, and a little girl, let’s call her Parita, just told all of her preschool teachers that her mom was having a baby.  The teachers were so excited because Parita’s mom hadn’t mentioned this wonderful news yet.  When the teachers saw Parita’s mom after school that day, they congratulated her on the baby.  All the hoopla caused a lot of confusion.  See, she wasn’t actually pregnant.  Parita made that up.  On the ride home, Parita was lectured on making up stories that weren’t true.  Her mom asked her why she said they were having a baby when that wasn’t the case.  Tearfully, Parita said it was because all of the other moms were having babies. 

Even little Parita believed in wishful thinking. Smile

That night, Parita sat in bed and said a little prayer. She asked God for a little baby brother or sister.  Correction, she begged.  It wasn’t fair that all of her friends had little babies at home, and she was all alone.

Well, fast forward to 1990.  This was the year Parita’s prayers would be answered and her best friend would enter the world.  This was the year her little sister was born!



Growing up, these two shared a very strong bond.  Parita was just so happy to have a partner in crime.  Even though they very rarely fought and argued about stupid things, these two enjoyed each other’s company – sharing secrets, staying up late, playing outside, watching Barney and Arthur super cool TV shows together.

Aek 3

Aek 4

Aek 5

Over the years, their friendship and bond grew stronger, even with major life changes taking place.  Parita went off to college, Aekta excelled in high school and then went off to Chicago for college, Parita moved to Tucson and then Boston for work, etc.  The distance kept growing, but these two remained close.  Even now, they both live their own separate lives, but they still make time for each other.  The laughter, the secrets, the TV watching, the late nights, and the playing are all still there.

Aek 7

Aek 6

They even know when the other needs a few words of encouragement and love. 

See, when Parita checked her mail today, she found this…

aekcard 004

aekcard 005

a card from her little sister.  Even though they’re miles apart, Aekta can tell when her sister is stressed and needs to be reminded to stay positive. 

At this point, Parita wishes she could give her sister a big hug.  But she obviously can’t. 

Well, it’s a good thing Aekta is visiting in T-46 hours!!!  SmileSmileSmile

I love you, Aek!  You’re the BEST!  I can’t wait to see you VERY soon!

By Parita

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  1. Aww sis. The post and pictures brought tears to my eyes :’) See, it’s a good thing b/c I hadn’t cried in a while! Love you and can’t WAIT to see you soooo soon 🙂

  2. Aww, sis! Your post and the pictures made me cry. See it’s a good thing though b/c I hadn’t cried in a while :’) Love you too much and can’t wait to see you sooo soon! 😀

  3. Awww this is such a sweet post! I have an older sister who is married and living in Dubai but we are super close and distance or not, that will never change! I just spent 3 weeks with her and it was amazing…believe it or not, arguments between us were zilch!

  4. Confession: If I KNEW I would have a girl if I ever had another baby, I would be very tempted to have a third just so M could have a sister. I love that special sister bond. Hope you have a great time with her when she visits!

  5. Beautiful post. I miss my brother so much, but I have realized this over the years, bonds like these only grow stronger.

    The day my brother was born is definitely one of the happy moments in my life-the day my best friend was born!!

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