Happy Saturday, y’all!  I hope it’s nice where you are because the sun sure is shining in Boston! 

So, I definitely had one of those kinds of mornings.

I slept in.  Not usually a big deal. In fact, sleeping in is very much welcome on the weekends.  However, I didn’t mean to sleep in this morning.  I was supposed to wake up early, workout, clean, and then head out to the city to meet up with my friend Monica.  Instead, I woke up, ate breakfast, cleaned up a little, showered, and am about to head out.  Sorry, Moni!!!

Even though I was running low on time, I still made myself a bowl of the Fitnessista’s Cookie Dough Cereal.  YUM. 

Good Eats 001

This is a recycled pic, but you get the idea. Smile

Another reason why it’s one of those mornings – I don’t have a full razor. 

Those mornings 004

I couldn’t for the life of me find the handle to my razor.  And yes, I use men’s razors because I can’t stand the ones made for women!  So, even though its about 90 degrees outside, Parita will be wearing pants today…

Those mornings 006


The upside to having one of those kinds of mornings is that your whole day doesn’t have to be that way.  I have a fun day ahead of me with two great friends!  Our friend Jetan is coming into town this afternoon, so the three of us are going to explore the city.  Smile 

Hope you weekend is going great so far!!

By Parita

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  1. I think all good days start with a good breakfast and that’s a good one! I’ve been having the same thing this past week, yumm 😀

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