Sup, y’all!?  I hope you guys are having a great day.  Smile I don’t know how you can’t be.  I mean, it’s Wednesday (i.e., the best day of the week), which also means it’s WIAW.  YAY!

*Please remember that these are a few of the things I ate this week – not the only things!  Let’s get started.


One of my breakfasts this week was an apple and PB wafflewich.  It was delicious.  Thinly sliced apples are a perfect addition to perfectly toasted waffles spread with creamy PB.  Is your mouth watering yet?!  Good!  Go make this…like now!


This past weekend, I headed to CT for a couple of nights to visit my aunts.  The last time I was there I made a mixed veggie pasta bake with homemade pesto.  It was so popular with my family that they requested I make it again.  Who am I to deny them? 

All I did was sauté some garlic, onions, yellow squash, and fresh spinach in some olive oil.  I added a few spices – S&P, garlic powder, crush red pepper, and Italian seasoning and mixed well.  I then combined this mixture with some cooked pasta and a jarred sauce.  After spreading in a baking dish, I topped it off with some chopped tomatoes, black olives, and cheese.  We were so hungry that as soon as the cheese melted, my cousins and I dug in!  SO GOOD!


While this may look like a bowl of refried beans with onions and avocado, it is way more than that.  Well, the base is definitely Trader Joe’s refried beans (watered down a bit), but in the mix, I also added in some cheddar, salsa, chili powder, and garlic powder.  There is nothing quite like a bowl of beans – yes, a bowl of beans!


The best was definitely saved for last.  In my opinion, fresh cherries are the epitome of summer.  You can imagine how excited I was when I saw bags of them waiting for me as I entered the grocery store this past weekend.  And they really were the perfect mix between sweet and tart – not like that fake, bottled junk. Winking smile

Well, there you have it – some of my favorite weekly eats.  Until next time, friends!

What food reminds you of summer?

By Parita

0 thoughts on “WIAW – Some of My Weekly Eats”
  1. I’m addicted to cherries right now. Any soft of berry or watermelon remind me of summer. And I’m shoveling all of them in my mouth as fast as I can these days! 🙂

  2. Your eats look delicious – but especially the waffles! I think I need to mix up my morning routine!

    Summer foods – totally cherries, and anything grilled!

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