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I’ve had Ms. Franklin’s song running through my head for the past few days.  Not only because it’s catchy, but also because it addresses something I’ve been thinking a lot about over the past few weeks…respect. 

In the healthy living blog world, we read a lot about respecting our bodies and our health, but that’s not what I’m referring to.  The kind of respect I’m talking about has to do with the people in our lives and the relationships that connect us together.

I truly believe that those who give respect deserve respect.  I don’t, however, think that people should expect respect simply because they are older, more educated, hold a high-ranking position, etc. 

For example, in the Indian culture, we are told to always respect our elders.  This is all good, but what happens when the elders don’t show respect for others?  What happens when they don’t take into account what others are thinking and feeling?  Do you still have to give them your respect?  I would have to say no. 

I’m pretty much going against everything I was taught as a kid, but in my heart, I believe that respect is earned.  You earn respect by treating people with kindness; you earn respect by building trusting relationships; you earn respect by listening and understanding; you earn respect by being open and honest; you earn respect by choosing your words and actions carefully; you earn respect by seeing people for what they are…human beings.  These are all the things I give my respect to others for.  And interestingly, not one has to do with age, gender, occupation, etc.  

I’m not in any way trying to say that I’m perfect because I’m not.  I’m a work in progress like everyone else.  However, the more I experience, the more I believe that respect is a two way street – you really do get what you give. 

That Aretha knew what she was talking about, huh!? Winking smile  Have a great night!

Do you agree that respect must be earned and not expected?  What does respect look like for you?

By Parita

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  1. I agree, respect is definitely earned. I used to hate being told I “had” to respect someone when I didn’t agree with their ethics, morals, or actions. I cannot respect someone just because on the surface they are older, have a better job, or keep up appearances. It is something that is earned through actions.

  2. I definitely agree here. I try to err on the side of showing respect until my respect for someone is lost. So I guess I don’t feel like respect is something that’s earned rather than something that has to be maintained.

  3. To me, respect definitely has to be earned. Just because you’ve lived a few more years does NOT make you deserving of respect. There are some perfectly terrible 60 year olds!

  4. I SO totally agree. Respect should be earned, not expected! That being said, I always try to give respect, even when it isn’t deserved because I don’t know what other people have experienced/are dealing with that causes them to act the way they do! Do I always succeed? Not at all, but I’m definitely trying!

  5. Very interesting post Parita!! Your culture is JUST like the Korean culture in many ways. Boyyyy I remember how crazy hard it was for many people in India. So many poor people were treated like they weren’t even human when I was in the train–and that truuuuly truly broke my heart!! dahhhhhh. Sorry! Don’t mean to make you sad here.

    But, I believe that we are all created to respect one another and be respected the same way. I think it’s tricky because in my opinion, we should always be as humble as possible even WHEN someone’s being disrespectful to us. Whether we’re honored or not, I think that we should STRIVE to be loving to them. And this isn’t because our culture says so, but because we should ideally desire to do that, but obviously that’s not easy or the world would be perfect haha! But in reality, respect does become earned and it should be, because we all should live respecting each others’ lives. 😀 Hope you have a great day girl!

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