This past week has been pretty hectic and busy as evident by my lack of blogging.  So, I’m hoping y’all understand when I say that I totally forgot about the weekly WIAW post (sorry, Jenn) I do!  I still want to participate, so instead of focusing on my weekly eats, I’m going to twist WIAW around one more time and talk about the things I wish I had eaten.  Sound good!?  Ok, great!

Let’s start with breakfast…


I definitely would have started my day with these oatmeal pancakes.

Then a few hours later, I would have eaten this sandwich for lunch


And I’ll say it again, tofu sandwiches are AWESOME!

Then for dinner, I would move onto this rich dish


I honestly can’t wait to make this again.  It was soooo good!

Oh and y’all know that no day is complete for Parita without some chocolate, so I definitely would have had my share of these…



My actual eats weren’t all that bad either.  Dinner was actually pretty exceptional because it was made by my momma.  My parents and sister are here until tomorrow (yep, I believe I totally forgot to mention that before).  Forgetful blogger I tell you… Winking smile

What was the one thing you wish you ate today!?

By Parita

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  1. Those are some good I wish I ate eats! I definitely would have loved to have some oatmeal pancakes too! I am loving your curry mac and cheese!

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