YO!  I thought I’d try out a new greeting today because my “hey, y’all” and “hello hello” was just not cutting it today. Smile I hope y’all had a great Thursday, and if you didn’t, don’t fret because tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Yay!

My day was good.  I attended day one of a day and a half training on how to be an effective HR Business Partner.  I know that means nothing to most of you, so I’ll spare the details.  Let’s just say that the things I’m learning will (should) help me do my job better.

The best part of my day came towards the end.  I went out to eat with some of my coworkers.  These girls are a hoot.  I think all four of teared up at some point from laughing so much.  Love it! 

We decided to go to a cute little Italian place close to where our training was.  It’s surprising how some of the best restaurants are actually located in the burbs (out in the middle of nowhere).  The food was good and we had a great time chatting and laughing about the nuances of corporate America. 

I started off my meal with some Pinot Grigio…

Italian Food 003

…the martini belonged to my coworker. Smile

And of course we snacked on some bread and olive oil…

Italian Food 001

The bread looked really plain and blah, but it turned out to be quite good…soft and not chewy at all.

And my entree consisted of…

Italian Food 004

…eggplant parmesan and broccoli.  To be honest, the broccoli was way too salty.  The eggplant was great, but I much rather prefer my homemade version

All in all, I had a fun night.  It’s so funny how caught up I get with work and wedding stuff (yes, wedding stuff…don’t ask).  I feel like I turn into a different person – intense, stressed, etc.  It was nice to just let loose and laugh…a lot!  We all need those nights every now and then. Smile

I hope y’all had an awesome Thursday!

Tell me about something that made you laugh (or even smile) today!

By Parita

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  1. That dinner looks so amazing. I have noticed the same problem with restaurant veggies too. They are either too oily or too salty. Now I ask for just plain steamed veggies with nothing on them, and maybe a side of parmesan.

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