Hi, friends!  Wow, it feels like forever since I last blogged.  No worries, I’m back and I have some really really really BIG news to share!  Are you ready!? 

Ok, here goes…

On Friday morning, I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing.  It was Vishnu.  He was at the Atlanta airport ready to board his flight.  I sleepily told him to have a safe flight and that I loved him.  Then I closed my eyes for about 5 seconds before jumping out of bed.  SHOOT…I forgot to set my alarm!  I should have been up and done with my workout by this time.  Oops! 

I quickly showered, did my hair, changed outfits twice, made and ate breakfast, and headed out the door.  The plan was to pick up Vishnu and then head to Rhode Island so I could show him all the places that were special to me growing up.  Well, his flight arrived about 30 minutes early, so he had to wait for a few minutes before I finally made it. 

It was soooooooooo awesome to see him!  I was so excited!!  He looked super cute. Smile

Off to RI we went.  Once we took the exit and entered Pawtucket, I grew very excited.  Our first stop was my old house.  As we drove ever so slowly down the street [like a couple of weirdos], I talked about the house, our backyard, the neighbors, etc.  SO fun!  Next, we headed to my elementary school.  We circled the school [like a couple of weirdos], while I told more stories.  Then, we drove past my middle school and my preschool.  (It’s funny how so much changes, but some things stay the same no matter what.) 

Next, we drove to Slater Park, a park near my old house that we used to go to all the time.  Back in the day, the park housed an awesome zoo with an elephant, a peacock, monkeys, etc.  The zoo no longer exists, but it’s still beautiful.  There are playgrounds, baseball fields, hiking trails…and a huge pond (over the past couple of weeks, Vishnu had made reference to this pond a few times).  

As we made our way into the park, Vishnu mentioned the pond (that my mom and sister told him about) and how we should take a walk around it “to build up our appetites.”  I agreed, and so we parked the car and started walking.  As we were walking, I spotted a nice gazebo at one end and jokingly said that we “should dance around in the gazebo like a Bollywood couple.”  Vishnu said, “Yeah, let’s go!”  I was just joking and told him that, but he was adamant that we make our way over there.  Along the way we continued to talk about our childhood memories.  When we finally made our way to the gazebo, I started taking pictures…

Finally!!!!! 003

View from the gazebo

Vishnu then gave me a hug from behind…

…and here’s the conversation that ensued…

Note: The question Vishnu asked me (almost 6 years ago) to make our dating relationship official was…”has dating crossed your mind?”

Vishnu:  You know we’re going to make a lot of our own memories.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Vishnu:  Well, that’s assuming you say yes.
Me: [As I turn around to face him]  Say yes to what?!
Vishnu: Has marriage crossed your mind?!  [As he pulls out the ring from his pocket!!!]
Me:  [SHOCKED that this was actually happening!]  OMG!  Holy crap! <- Yes, those were the exact words that came out my mouth!

I gave him a kiss and started jumping up and down!

Vishnu:  I think I’m supposed to get down on one knee.
Me:  [Laughed and held out my hand for him.]  YES!

So, my friends…


Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

Finally!!!!! 007

The newly engaged couple!

Little did I know that…

    • …Vishnu and my sister had been planning for over a month.
    • …he and his family went ring shopping together (so sweet!).
    • …my parents had known for about two weeks that this was going to happen.
    • …Vishnu had talked to two of my best friends about his plan to propose.
    • …on June 10, 2011, I would be engaged to my best friend and soulmate!!!

Immediately after he proposed, we called our parents, siblings, and close friends and family.  I know I was being loud and kinda nutso, but I didn’t care…I JUST GOT ENGAGED, BABY!!!

We were (and continue to be) so touched by all the excitement, well wishes, and love that surrounds us.  One of my best friends even asked me if I was joking after I told her!  She then proceeded to scream for a few minutes when I told her I wasn’t.  It was pure awesomeness!

The rest of the weekend flew by so quickly.  It was filled with lots of laughing, dreaming, talking, and celebrating….

We are both so excited to start this next chapter in our lives together.  I still can’t believe Vishnu is my fiancé!!!!  Red heart

I really want Vishnu to write a post about the proposal from his perspective, but we’ll see about that…  🙂  He has a super busy summer ahead of him, so I may have to wait.

But now my blog will also include stories about wedding planning and the fun and craziness that goes along with it!  Can’t wait to share more!

By Parita

29 thoughts on “I’m Back with BIG News!!!”
  1. Congrats to you! This is such exciting fabulous news. I know my engagement day was the best day in my life..really! So I know how you are feeling. Enjoy this time, enjoy your engagement, and enjoy each other =)

  2. OMG,OMG, Congrats. When I saw the title on my reader, I had this slightly inkling that you may have gotten engaged this weekend. Congrats to you and Vishnu! I am so happy for you.

    I am sure you’ll make a lovely bride cannot wait to read more about the wedding planning. Ah, I am sure your mum must be busy already!

  3. OMG MY HEART JUST SKIPPED A BEAT!!!!!! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! =) so cute how he used the same line again =) so romantic and perfect and ahhh!!!! yay congrats kids!

  4. OMG as soon as I saw you had big news, I was certain this was it! Even though I only ‘virtually’ know you, I am SO happy for you! Congrats to you and Vishnu my dear!

  5. Congratulations! Your engagement anniversary is my wedding anniversary which is awesome, of course. 🙂

    Lovely photo of you both!

  6. I’m catching up on posts and oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a perfect engagment story 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about all the events that will follow!

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