Is there an “awesome older sister of the year” award?  If so, I think I should get it!  I’m just kidding…well, kinda!  Winking smile

I am a pretty awesome sister though.  Why?  Because I just spent about 1.5 hours making these fun goodies to send to my little sister in a care package…

Care Pack 012Care Pack 008

                       Care Pack 010Care Pack 007

The chocolatey muffins you see above are the Chocolate-Zucchini muffins that were featured on  Katie’s blog today.  And the non-chocolately ones are my muffin version of Katie’s Baked Cookie Dough Oatmeal, which I am totally obsessed with.  My sister is one lucky lady!  Both of these muffins are incredibly delicious and surprisingly healthy!

Along with muffins, she will also be getting some granola…

Care Pack 013

I found the recipe for this yummy treat on Courtney’s blog.  It’s a Honey Maple granola, and the only thing I did differently was use sliced almonds in place of walnuts (because I didn’t have any). 

So, yeah…sister of the year anyone!?  Nah, I don’t want an award…I really don’t.  I love my sister to bits and pieces, and I would do absolutely anything for her.  She’s my best friend, confidant, and mini me!  The whole purpose behind this care package is to make sure she has lots of healthy treats to keep her fueled through finals.  That’s what big sisters are for after all!


Sisters in the desert Smile


Doing what we do best! LOL!


Don’t you see the love!?


Ahh…there it is!!

Do you have siblings?  If so, are you close with them?

By Parita

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  1. I have a sibling and I’m REALLY close to her 😀 LOVE YOUUU! I don’t know if I have the right to hand out this award, but who cares! You’re the “most awesome older sister” <3

  2. I would give you the best older sister of the year award for sure. you win hands down in my book.

    i have two older half brothers. they are 41 and 36. Crazy they are getting so old!

  3. Wow you are fast! You already made the muffins! Hoenstly, I haven’t made them yet… they’ve been on my to-make list forevah!

    And you and your sister are beautifu/adorable! My sister and I are close… now. We were NOT close when we were little! I would bite her 🙁

    1. Well, I had a zucchini sitting around that I wanted to use, so I figured, why not! Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes. They turned out amazing!

  4. I have a little brother (we are 6 years apart) and if he ever hears that I call him little, he will kill me. I love him and would do anything for him.

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