If you’ve never been to Boston, I highly recommend you visit ASAP.  Just make sure you plan your visit between the months of June and August, otherwise you’ll probably be cold!  Seriously though, Boston is a gem of a city – there’s sooo much to do.  First of all, you can walk EVERYWHERE, which I personally love.  There are lots of great restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. to satisfy your taste buds.  And, the coolest person ever lives here (well, only until November, but that’s a minor detail).  I’m talking about me by the way. Winking smile

I went into the city today (because I actually live in the ‘burbs, but that too is a minor detail) and hung out with my friend Monica.  We had such a fun day eating, walking around, eating, talking, eating, etc. Smile  You know how I roll!

We met up in Harvard Square around noon and headed straight to Crema Café for lunch.  If you do decide to make that trip up here, make sure to grab one of Crema’s sandwiches.  They are so unique and tasty.  I ended up getting a sweet potato sandwich – wheat bread, hummus, avocado, sweet potato, granny smith apple slices, and sprouts marinated in a shallot vinaigrette.  YUM!

Boston Day 001Boston Day 005

After lunch, we headed to the Cambridge River Festival.  There were lots of vendors selling everything from jewelry to furniture to food.  It was great seeing so many people out and about having a good time and enjoying the weather.

Boston Day 010

Me and Monica

Boston Day 019

View from the bridge

Boston Day 014Boston Day 016

Boston Day 011Boston Day 018

After taking in the sights of the festival, we headed back to Harvard Square.  We made our way to a Harvard campus courtyard and chatted for a bit.  After a while, we decided to hit up JP Licks for some ice cream deliciousness.  If y’all recall from my last day of Boston fun with Monica, I got a Coffee Oreo cone.  I decided to kind of change things up this time around with a double flavor cup (still a small cup but with two flavors of ice cream) – Coffee Oreo + Oreo Cake batter.  Oh yeah…sooo good!

Boston Day 020

My server was VERY generous

Our day of Boston fun didn’t end there.  We took our ice cream and wandered over to the main part of Harvard Square.  It just so happened that a street performer was starting his show.  So, we stuck around…

                        Boston Day 021Boston Day 025Boston Day 030

He was pretty amazing!  It was fun to watch him perform.  Sometimes I really think that street performers are the most talented people ever.  Not only are they talented, but they do everything in their power to pursue their dreams – even if that means living off tips.  After watching this show, we stopped to watch a street artist create amazing paintings from spray paint.  Again, talent + ambition + passion all mixed in one.  Love it!

Next, Monica and I walked back towards her apartment and ended up at a discount bookstore (more books!!!).  Get this – all of the books were already marked way down and then marked down 50% on top of that.  To put this discount into perspective, I’ll give you an example.  Monica bought a hardcover copy of The Help (the new book that just came out recently) for $4.50!!!!!  If she were to buy that same book at B&N, it would have cost her $24.95.  Craziness!  It was truly overwhelming in there though…I wanted to buy everything I picked up.  I did end up buying six books today.  And guess how much that cost me…$19.60!!! 

Boston Day 034

I actually bought The Help at Target on Friday but included it anyways…

So that was my day.  It was lots of fun, but now I’m super tired.  I’m a little nervous because I have to run 7 miles tomorrow.  I don’t know why, but I’m not really looking forward to it.  I think it has something to do with knowing my sister’s knee is still giving her pain. Sad smile  Hopefully she feels better soon!

Before I sign out for the night, I wanted to let y’all know that I did finish Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin.  Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the book.  Don’t get me wrong, I love her other books, but this one just didn’t sit well with me.  The plot and characters made me mad.  I won’t say too much in case someone wants to read it, but I will say that it wasn’t my kind of read.  To each his/her own I suppose…

It’s your turn!  Tell me something fun you did today. Smile

By Parita

0 thoughts on “Boston for the Day”
  1. I went to a lunch party and had an amazing buffet of fresh mozzarella. It was delicious and fun.

    All those books? Really? Let me know what you think of The Help!

    And I love Boston. It is SO beautiful, especially around Harvard. I wish I was smart enough to have gone there. But nope!

  2. That sandwich sounds amazing! I’m going to have to make one for myself. 🙂

    I went to Souper Jenny’s Underground Supper Club tonight. It was AMAZING! Dessert was cardamom ice cream – I wanted to beg for seconds!

  3. Boston looks beautiful! I’d love to see the city someday!

    I went for a wonderful hike this morning and in the evening went to the scenic distillery district in downtown Toronto.

  4. Boston sounds amazing, especially that ice cream! My day involved lots if good eats(including TWO ice creams), good friends, and family time- what more could I ask for!

  5. Boston is a great city! I live in CT – so it is not too bad of a trip to take! The festival looks really fun.. and it is hilarious how differently the ice cream scoops are!

    That book store.. AMAZING! I hate buying new release books because of their price! I try to go to the library when I can!

  6. I love books, wish I had some more time to read all my faves. I got the help few months back and then went to India, so could not complete it.

    Have a great Sunday Parita!

  7. I wuold love to go to Boston!

    That sounds like such a perfect day. Good meal. Fun festival outdoors. DELICIOUS looking Icecream (two of my fave flavors with Oreo added??? amazing!). And books. Great day!

  8. Boston looks beautiful – it’s definitely on my list of places to visit! I still think I’ll like Atlanta more though… just sayin’!

    I’m excited to hear how your run goes! I always feel a little dread/anticipation/fear the night before my long run – it’s like I am worried about what could go wrong or how I’ll feel if I don’t make my target distance!

  9. Looks like a pretty awesome day ~ ice cream always helps! I can’t believe I still haven’t been to Boston. I’d love to make the trip.

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