Thanks for your supportive comments about my hair!  I’m glad so many of you understand.  I’ll keep you posted about how things go on Saturday.  *Fingers crossed*

And that lunch salad was as good (if not better) as it sounded.  Our café is pretty amazing.  When I started this role, I was shocked to find out that we have our own cook who makes his own line of “Whole Sum” lunch dishes on site.  He designs the menu every day and ensures that the entrée is under 300 calories and the side dishes under 150.  How cool is that?!  When he has good veggie options, I go with that, otherwise I always have my trusted salad bar.

And no, I don’t work for the CIA or any other 3 letter agency, but I do work for a company that deals with proprietary and confidential information.  There’s a no picture policy, and that probably includes foodie pics too…I feel a little weird asking about it, so I’m just going to stick with the no pictures at work rule.  I wish my reason was more exciting that that, but unfortunately it’s not!


Now, I had a little bit of a hard time figuring out what I wanted to write about today.  I looked through my  posts for some inspiration and realized that I have old journal entries I want to share with y’all.  Woot! 

Tonight you’ll be meeting the 16 year old Parita!  I reread the entry a few minutes ago, and let me tell you, not too much has changed.  I’m still silly, quirky, and goofy as ever, if not more so.  Enjoy!


Today was the craziest night!  Me and Ashley decided to go to a movie and go out to eat afterwards.  So we wanted to see Scream 3, but it’s rated R.  So we go to the ticket counter and the nerdy little lady goes, “I need ID.”  So I show her my ID, and she’s like, “Sorry you can’t get in.”  So me and Ashley decide to buy tickets for the Tigger movie, but we sneak into Scream 3.  We get in and are sitting for a while when an usher walks in and asks for our tickets.  When he sees them, he’s like, “I’m supposed to kick you out, but I just want you to get out of the theater.”  So after some begging, Ash and I get out and go to the Tigger movie all pissed off. 

Then Ashley saw that Snow Day was playing across the way.  So at 5:30, we sneak into that theater.  When we finally find seats, we are siting there and Ashley says that she sees a guy looking for someone.  I was like oh no.  So we got all paranoid.  But then we figured out that it was someone’s dad or something.  The movie was good, but we were too scared to enjoy it.

When the movie was over, we tried to blend in and get out the quickest way possible.  Then we got in the car and screamed.  Then we called our parents and then we went to Chick-fil-A to eat.  We were eating, and Ashley said something funny so I started laughing, and I almost chocked.  I had tears going down my face and so did Ashley!  It was a night to remember!  My gosh!  But I had a lot of fun with Ash, and I hope we stay really good and close friends!

NOTE: I tried my hardest not to change a thing about this entry, as you can probably tell from some of the grammatical errors. Smile 

Ashley and I still keep in touch but not as often as I’d like.  I think I’m going to give her a call this weekend to say hello!

And I still can’t believe we went from this…

Scream 3

To this…


To this…

Snow Day

…all in one night!  LOL!  I was a CRAZY 16 year old…let me tell you!!! Winking smile

So now it’s your turn, tell me a funny story from your high school days!

By Parita

0 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Year 2000”
  1. Haha this is hilarious! I remember sneaking into movies too and feeling like such a rebel. 😛

    I love reading through old diary entries. Sometimes they are so cringe worthy! Hmm I was actually just reminiscing with my friends about this one time that we were sitting in the cafeteria at school and when I yanked my backpack that was stuck on a chair, I ended up flying backwards and the chair fell on top of me. We all laughed so hard that we cried!

  2. I LOVE this – I wish that I would have kept journals when I was younger – although I might be scared at what I was thinking!

    I know I did a ton of random/studid stuff at 16, but the worst was probably when I decided I was going to break some rules and left school in the middle of the day! Alas, we only made to the gas station on the corner where a police officer picked us up and took us back to school. The ONLY time I ever had detention in my life, and I remember the worst part was having to call my mother and tell her what I’d done.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen my dad laugh so hard. Obviously they didn’t think I was in danger of becoming a dropout…

  3. haha! It’s so funny that you talk about the Tigger movie because my best buddy and I used to write each other the most elaborate notes about our adventures as tigger and winnie the pooh. I think this may have continued into high school. Good god!

    ohh man it’s funny to look back, I think I’m glad that I don’t have diaries to remember it by! 😛

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  4. Haha such a cute entry- I always laugh when I find stuff I wrote years ago! I was the dorkiest kid too! Up until I was like 16/17, I used to be the biggest tom boy and wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a purse! And on the days that my Nike shorts didn’t have pockets, I’d put my money in my socks. Needles to say, it was very painful when the cashier would hand back my change in coins ;)!

  5. I love that you posted this haha I use to do that when a movie we wanted to see was sold out. We’d buy a ticket for another movie and sneak into the movie we wanted to see haha

  6. Hahhaha .. ahh this is so funny! It must be awesome to read back to your diary entries from way back. I WISH I knew where my diary was. I think I have a few notes that i exchanged with some friends and may try and find them the next time I am home..

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