Hi, y’all!  Happy Wednesday!

I’m happy to announce that I’m finally jumping on the WIAW train!  Woo!  Jenn over at Peas & Crayons started What I Ate Wednesdays as means for bloggers to share their daily eats every Wednesday.  As y’all know, I don’t post my daily eats.  My blog is really a hodgepodge of different things, but I thought it would fun to do WIAW to show the blog world a day in my food life.

I’m warning you now…99% of the time it’s really not that interesting. Smile

Before I share, I just want to say that I had been looking forward to starting WIAW for about a week now.  I planned it all out – wake up, workout, shower, get ready, make a smoothie, pack  lunch, and head out the door to work.  Annnnd, my day didn’t go as planned.  This is what it looked like instead – slept in, woke up, showered, got ready, realized I was running late, threw together some breakfast/snacks, and left for work. 

I promise I’ll be more put together next Wednesday!


WIAW 002

I ate the Larabar with my morning coffee, the banana an hour later, and the yogurt and apple in the afternoon.


Now, we have  predicament with lunch.  I can’t take pictures at work – it’s not allowed.  And at this point in time, I can’t compromise my real career for my blogging “career,” so a description will have to do. SmileLunch consisted of a huge (1 lb.) salad from my work cafeteria made with spinach, beets, celery, carrots, olives, peppers, black beans, feta, half a boiled egg, sunflower seeds, and balsamic dressing.  I also had a quinoa and water chestnut salad on the side.   Yep, the café at work is pretty awesome!

I also drank 1 liter of water throughout the work day.  Go me!


WIAW 007

For dinner, I had leftover Kofta Curry with Pulau (rice cooked with mixed veggies and spices).  YUM!  Something I forgot to mention on an earlier post was that this dish is extremely spicy!  In fact, I had 2 whole glasses of milk with dinner tonight.  My nose even watered!  It was worth it though.


WIAW 010

My day is never complete without something sweet.  Tonight I gave into my sweet tooth with some Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips, a perfect complement to my spicy meal.  And I may or may not go back for more! Winking smile

Well, there you have it, my very first WIAW!  Yay!


Before I peace out and plop myself in front of the television, I wanted to let some things off my chest.  Some may call this venting, but I’m just going to call it sharing. Smile

1. I got my hair cut on Saturday, and the lady f’ed it up.  I thought something was off when she was done styling it, and I even questioned her on it.  She reassured me that it was fine.  I honestly don’t know why I didn’t take a closer look.  Well, both yesterday and today, one of my coworkers took a look at it and said it really wasn’t that bad.  The length is fine and it’s even and all, but the layers are very very very choppy.  This upsets me because I asked for more blended layers.  Anyways, I finally called the salon today and talked to the owner.  She’s going to see me on Saturday and try to fix things.  *Fingers crossed*  UGH! 

2. There is some major roadwork being done on the road I take home from work.  So, instead of taking a left out of the parking lot and driving 15 minutes to get home, I had to take a right.  It ended up taking me an hour to get home.  I am directionally challenged as it is, but being a newbie to the area and never really having had to deviate from my route just made everything that much worse.

3. This final (promise) annoyance is not mine, it’s my sister’s.  The poor girl started training for the half this past week, and now her knee really hurts.  She went to the clinic at school, and the doctor told her she has runner’s knee.  She was instructed to stay off of it for the next few weeks.  Sad smile  She’s SO upset, and I don’t blame her.  If any of you have experienced runner’s knee or anything like it, can you please share some advice?   

Whew…I feel a lot better!  Thanks for listening (or not)!  Ha!  These are just small things that with a little patience will take care of themselves…no biggie!  I know there are a lot of people out there dealing with real issues, and my thoughts and prayers are with them.  It’s ok to get annoyed and upset, but it’s my belief that we should always look at the bigger picture. 

I’m off to watch some of my favorite TV shows!  Woot woot!  Have a good one!

By Parita

0 thoughts on “WIAW + Little Annoyances”
  1. Those are the best chocolate chips, in my humble opinion! It makes me feel better when other people complain (although I don’t necessarily want other people to have things to complain about if that makes sense) so that I don’t feel like I’m the only one! I hope your next hair appointment goes better, I get really bothered by those things too.

  2. Parita, your lunch salad looks lovely! Your work doesn’t mess around do they!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s knee, I do hope it feels better soon! You should check out Melissa Nibbles Three Things Thursday – she always shares three things that are bugging her!

    It’s good to get it out!

    Hope you have a great rest of your week! 🙂

  3. I want to work at your work just for the great cafe! Even though you don’t have pictures, your lunch sounds amazing!

    Sorry about your hair, That has happened to me before, I asked for an angled bob and I got a dutch boy blunt cut. I’m sure they will be able to fix and and it will be better than you could even imagine!

  4. I always say it’s healthy to vent!

    Good luck with hour hair..I’m not uber pleased with my recent highlight especially since it was only a partial and cost $140. Blah. It has no oomph at all.

  5. if it makes you feel any better… I let paul cut my hair — and he semi-butchered it by cutting off 7 inches instead of 3. So I feel your pain!

    Your lunch sounds awesome — ummm so jealous of your baller foodie access at work!!!! def dont risk it with a photo. we can go ahead and use our imaginations =) hehe

    Happy FIRST EVA WIAW girl!!!! woot woot!

  6. Woohoo glad you’re joining the WIAW bandwagon, I love seeing all the goodies people eat. Love your dark chocolate chips, yum. And omg so sorry about your hair dilemma, I get pissed if they cut my hair a little shorter than I wanted. Hope they can fix it for you 🙂

  7. Can I come work in you office? Or at least get a pass to use the canteen- such great eats! Sorry about the hair issue- have had many bad experiences (fortunately not recently) with hairdressers who go out of their way to NOT follow instructions!

  8. I’m sorry your hairdresser f’ed up your hair! My fingers are crossed that she can fix it! And Cory can’t take his phone, camera, anything into work. It’s a government job so none of that is allowed, so I know where you’re coming from! I hope you’re having a great day so far! 🙂

  9. I’m not a doctor, but I found that the uber cheap knee “sleeves” (I found mine at Target) helped me 100% whenever I have knee pain. I don’t have to use them all of the time, just when the knee pain randomly pops up!

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