I have a new found food love, my friends!  Baked tofu!  I’ve always loved tofu but never really knew how to cook it on my own.  Then came Caitlin’s blog and everything changed!  Her recipe for the perfect baked tofu caught my eye.  I had been wanting to try it out for months now, and finally got around to it yesterday.  Smile

Along with some extra firm tofu, my food purchases for the week also included some hummus, tomatoes, and an avocado.  I thought I was going to enjoy a salad of some sort this week, but instead, I decided to be daring and make myself a tofu sandwich!  Yes, you heard right, tofu in a sandwich – it was delish!

Before I get into the details, let me share with you how I modified Caitlin’s recipe to create Plain Baked Tofu.

All I did was take a block of tofu and wrap in a 6 or so paper towels.  I placed the tofu between a couple of plates and put my fruit bowl on top (anything heavy will do).  After about 30 minutes, I unwrapped the block of tofu and sliced it as thin as I could (so I had ~ 1” x 3” pieces).  I placed the tofu on a baking sheet I had lightly coated with cooking spay and baked it for about 35 minutes (flipping once in the middle).  That’s it!  Easy as pie!

I used that baked tofu to create this…

Tofu 003

Baked Tofu Sandwich
Serves 1

2 toasted slices of bread (I used whole wheat)
1  tablespoon of your favorite hummus (I used garlic with chives)
1/2 tablespoon mayo (I used the kind with olive oil – “semi” healthy) Smile
enough slices of baked tofu to cover one slice of bread
1/2 roma tomato, thinly sliced
1/3 of an avocado, sliced the long way

Spread one piece of bread with the hummus and the other with the mayo.  Layer with the tofu, tomato, and avocado and ENJOY!

I kid you not when I say that this was honestly one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever made at home.  It was so good I even made one for lunch today!

When I told Vishnu about my creation, he responded with, “That sounds like something I soooooo would never want to eat.”  I took offense to that, so he appeased me by saying that he will always try everything I make at least once.  Now, if he ever refutes that statement, I know my blog friends will back me up! Winking smile

Anywho, I had some leftover baked tofu, so I incorporated it into tonight’s dinner – leftover mushroom curry with quinoa and fresh mango.  YUM!

Tofu 004Tofu 007

Ok ok, so I only had 3 leftover pieces!!  What can I say!?  Baked tofu fresh out of the oven is irresistible.  Wow…I can’t believe I ate a block of tofu in two days.  Well, that’s neither here nor there!  Thinking smile

Tell me – what’s your favorite way to eat tofu? 

Well, y’all have a great night!  It’s almost hump day! Smile

By Parita

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  1. Oh Vishnu, you silly guy! I LOVE the look of that sammy, I need to make one because I’ve been loving the look of Caitlin’s tofu recipes as well. We used some fresh farmer’s market tofu tonight in some homemade pad thai and it was so delicious and different from store bought.

    Blog love for tofu! 🙂

  2. I can tell you that my favorite way of eating tofu is no match for the delicious looking sandwich you have posted above. This may very well be my new favorite way! That seriously is so up my alley thank you for sharing!

  3. Caitlin’s tofu recipe has always been my favorite and I’m so glad you chose to make a sandwich because as soon as you said what you bought at the store, I was thinking ‘that would make the best sandwich!’ I hear tofu is great on a pb & j sandwich believe it or not.

  4. Baked tofu takes it to a whole new level! Love how it crisps up! I made a TLT sandwich the other day: wholewheat topped with philly light, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and peri peri baked tofu- amaziiing!

    Great picture btw- looks totally professional!

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