Hi, friends!  I have a question for you. How many of you are walkers?  And when I say walker, I mean someone who choses to walk for exercise purposes, even if it’s just once a week.  The reason I ask is because I feel like many people dismiss the power of walking.  I never really hear anyone talk/blog about how they exercise by walking – it’s always running, spinning, etc.  I think we (and yes, I am including myself because my preferred form of cardio is running) tend to forget that walking is actually great for the body and mind.  I know my parents would agree (they go walking for at least 45 minutes 5 times a week).  In fact, I walked for an hour this evening, and it felt great!

I know what a lot of you reading this are thinking.  “Parita, walking is great and all, but I want to burn calories, get my heart rate up, sweat, etc.”  I get that, trust me, I do.  I love super sweaty, heart-pumping workouts too, but hear me out.  All I’m trying to say is that walking is a completely acceptable form of exercise…even if a secondary or backup choice.

Look at what all walking can accomplish for you…

  • Walking can raise your metabolism for up to 12 hours after just two miles.
  • Walking improves circulation of blood and other key body fluids, which in turn improves your immune system.
  • Walking massages your internal organs (think constipation).  Because walking engages so many different muscles your respiratory demands increase, which keeps your internal organs mobile and healthy.
  • Walking lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and raises HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Walking can lower blood pressure.
  • Walking can reduce your risk of or help you manage type 2 diabetes.
  • Walking is easier on your joints than running.
  • Walking just a couple of miles a day improves mental clarity and emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Walking is FREE!!!!  No expensive gym memberships needed!

And these are just a few benefits of walking…the list really could go on forever. Smile

And just like any other exercise, walking requires proper form and technique…



I’m not giving up running any time soon (especially with half marathon training starting tomorrow…eek!), but I’ll definitely think twice before I dismiss the power of walking!

Are you a walker?  Do you see the benefit in walking? 

Have a great night!

By Parita

17 thoughts on “The Power of Walking”
  1. I definitely think walking is just as beneficial as other forms of exercise. I love to go on walks around the neighborhood after dinner or on the weekends, and if there’s an errand I can walk to I make sure to.

  2. Reason #2340982 that we’re so similar! I did strength training this morning, but instead of following it up with a run – I went on a walk! It was such a nice change of pace. And I also enjoy the fact that I was moving AND able to have a conversation with Cory. I think walking is a great thing 🙂

  3. My parents are avid walkers, when I was in India i would accompany them on their morning walks every day over the summer. Quite honestly it is a good workout, I lost a few pounds so that is a testimony to the fact.

  4. I love walking! Because I do other workouts that are higher intensity, our daily walks along Lake Michigan with your pup are for getting into the sunshine, chatting and loving the movement of our bodies!

    Such a great post, walking is a wonderful form of activity/exercise 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful start to your week! 🙂

  5. I’m such a walker! It’s my preferred way to exercise and I’m a strong believer that it makes muscles long and lean and keeps you fit w/o being harmful on joints.

    Great post 😉

  6. Love this post…I never feel like I get a good workout from walking so I stick to running! This post has inspired me to go for a walk tomorrow instead of the gym :)!

  7. This is such a great post. When I’m not training for a race, I’m usually a walker/stair climber/ellipticaler. It burns less calories, but I feel the burn in different muscles while still getting my heart rate in a decent calorie-burning zone.

  8. Walking is my preferred form of exercise. In fact anytime I’ve had a lot of weight to lose (after my babies, for my wedding etc) I walked it off. It’s just an easy form of exercise and almost impossible to injure yourself!

  9. I think walking is so important for bone health and for your muscles. Sometimes my only source of cardio is walking and I love it. I don’t think you need to go all hardcore to get in a workout, walking is great for the body

  10. I don’t often talk about it in posts, but it’s not uncommon for me to walk for 20 – 30 minutes a few times a week after dinner or something. I think I got the habit from my aunt- she used to always say it was good to “help your food start digesting”. 🙂

  11. I used to believe that walking could never be a respectable fitness choice. Then i hurt my neck a few years ago and had to give up anything high impact. It was basically walking and the recumbent bike. but you know what? I didn’t gain any weight, stayed toned and pretty much looked the exact same after a few months of just walking and the bike. Now that I’m healed, I’m back to harder-core workouts, but when time or illness prevent me from hitting the gym, i can feel OK knowing I got a few miles worth of walking in.

  12. I am not typically a walker (though living in an urban area definitely forces walking!) for exercise purposes because I did not realize the great health benefits! I always feel like I could be doing more. Thanks for sharing these great tips Parita!

  13. Walking is actually an integral (and totally necessary) part of my half-marathon training – so I walk every chance I get! I think walking/hiking are both great ways to get in additional mileage, and I totally count them as my mileage!

    With hiking, I actually count it as one of my higher intensity workouts for the week – after a crazy hike on Sunday (in flip-flops, no less), I’m in more pain that I am after my usually hills running workout!

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