Hello!  I hope y’all are having yourselves a great weekend.

You know what?!  I am a bad blogger!  I totally forgot to tell y’all that I was headed to Connecticut this weekend to visit my aunt and her family.  Oops!  See, I have family all around the country – coast to coast.  This aunt is my mom’s other younger sister (my mom’s the oldest of four).

I drove here last night after work.  I was starving!  I’m such a bad traveller when it comes to planning ahead food wise, but luckily my aunt had a traditional Indian meal ready for dinner.  Yum!

K Masi House 002

A Gujarati food lesson…

This, my friends, is a traditional Gujarati meal.  Gujarat is the state my family is from in India.  The orange stuff in the bowl is mango pulp – we call it russ.  Gujaratis are known to love sweet foods, and I am no different!  I use the russ as a dipping sauce.  The super thin wheat bread is called roti.  The mixture at the top right of the plate is red lentils cooked with garlic and spices, and the top left is occupied by okra.  We call all veggie combos shaak.  If you want to be more descriptive, you just say the name of the veggie first – potato shaak, spinach shaak, etc.  I also had rice and yogurt curry, both of which went unpictured.  Oops!


This morning my aunt and I chit chatted over breakfast about how her and my uncle met and decided to get married…it was so fun!  I definitely have to do a detailed post on Indian marriages…so interesting!

We then got ready and headed out to get pedicures…my favorite!  Talk about going outside my comfort zone – I decided to go with a greenish-blue color!  I’m usually feet-a-phobic, but I think the color warrants a picture…

K Masi House 006

We didn’t stop with the pedicures!  Next door to the nail salon was a little café called Stockbridge’s.  My aunt told me that it’s known all over CT for it’s award winning cheesecake, so we obviously had to make a stop. Smile

K Masi House 003

Fresh New York style cheesecake…YUM!  It was super light with the perfect amount of sweetness!  YUM!

This is turning out to be a pretty great Saturday.  I LOVE my family…I LOVE food…and I LOVE pedicures – a winning combo!

Tell me something fun you’ve done or are planning to do this weekend!

By Parita

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  1. OH my gosh, can I please come eat traditional Indian food with you?! That meals looks heavenly. This weekend I’m celebrating Cory’s birthday (it’s on Monday) – so that’s pretty fun! Have a great weekend, girl!

  2. Fun day! I’m excited about my manicure and pedicure this afternoon! I’m still drooling just thinking about my dinner on Friday: porcini mushroom fettucine with saffron, smoked cherry tomatoes and clams followed by homemade vanilla bean ice cream! YUM!

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