Gorgeous, timeless, romantic, magical…yes, I am talking about today’s main event – the Royal Wedding!  I was up and at it at 5:30 because I wanted to watch the ceremony, but instead of watching from my couch, I got my butt to the gym.  Might as well knock out two birds with one stone!

My favorite part…


Kate’s dress of course! 

When I told my mom how much I loved the dress, she agreed it was gorgeous but reminded me that my wedding attire will look slightly different!  🙂  More like this perhaps…


Only time will tell… 😉

Anyways, earlier this week, I decided that in honor of the royal celebration, I would make a royal breakfast for moi!  🙂

I had been eyeing Katie’s Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal for a really long time and decided that today was the day!  And let me tell you, it was a royal treat, and I honestly wish I hadn’t waited so long to make it!  I was in foodie heaven as I took my first (and last) bite of this delicious breakfast!  Chocolate Covered Katie, you are a Chocolate Covered Genius!  I have a feeling I will be making baked oatmeal ALL the time.

Pretty much the only difference between my recipe and Katie’s is that since I don’t own a mini-loaf pan, I used a muffin pan.  If you follow the recipe exactly, you’ll have yourself 4 little muffins…although you’ll wish you had more!  Oh, and I used one tablespoon of maple syrup (she listed it as optional), and I used 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (which was also optional). 

Please do yourself a favor and make these ASAP…you won’t regret it!  Would I ever steer you in the wrong direction?! 

I’m off to relax!  I hope y’all have yourselves a royal evening!!

By Parita

0 thoughts on “Royal Breakfast”
  1. Awww you are a GEM! Loved this post so much!

    And I actually think the second wedding attire is prettier… it’s more colorful and fun! But I agree that Kate did look gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as your last photo with the chocolate chips hehe :).

  2. I love everything about Indian weddings, without a doubt. But something about the gorgeous white dress, makes me wanna have a wedding like this too.

    Kate’s dress was absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I will admit that nothing beats Indian attire when it comes to weddings- every piece is gorgeous and elaborate in its own way. Although I remember from my sister’s wedding that they are super heavy to wear!

    1. You’re absolutely right…it’s super heavy! And the ceremony lasts like 3-4 hours…eek! I think I’m going to go with a watered down version of the picture here…no doubt!

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