What up, blog world!?  Monday is done and over with (almost), and I can’t say I’m too sad.   😉

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday.  My family doesn’t religiously observe Easter, but when we were younger, my parents always had baskets ready and filled with our favorite candy and eggs hidden in the backyard for us to find.  Good times!

So, before I share my tough skin story with y’all, I want to share tonight’s dinner.  After talking to Vishnu about healthy eating and the future of our country (yes, we have pretty deep convos sometimes), I decided to make a humongous salad.  Check it out!

This beast of a salad included spinach, tomatoes, avocado, quinoa, goat cheese, red kidney beans, and Annie’s Roasted Garlic dressing.  YUM-O!  I haven’t had a salad in fooorever, and tonight’s dinner made me realize how much I’ve missed them.  I loved how the different textures and flavors came together in this one. 🙂 


Through blogging, I’ve “met” so many awesome people – writers, cooks, runners, fashionistas, mothers, etc.  Blogging has also injected a new sense of motivation, inspiration, and creativity into my life.  I honestly can’t say how long I will remain a blogger (another year or 10?!), but I can truly say that I’m enjoying most everything about it so far. 

With that being said, I never realized the potential downsides of putting your life out there for others to discover.  For example, I woke up Saturday morning, made breakfast, and checked my email.  I had a new comment to approve, so I excitedly logged onto WordPress to do so.  I clicked on the comment button, and saw that someone had some mean words they wanted to share with me.  “Your blog sucks.  No one cares about this boring s***” to be exact.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many expletives went through my mind as I sat there staring at my computer screen.  Now, the old me (from 3 years ago) would have sat there and cried and felt sorry for herself because some stupid stranger said something negative about her blog.  What did I do instead?!  I smiled and moved on.  Well, I actually texted Vishnu, told him what happened, laughed a little, and then moved on.  I could have sat there and tried to figure out why someone would waste their time leaving me a comment like this, but that person was not really worth my time or energy. 

I guess blogging is also going to teach me how to grow some tough skin because apparently the blog world is not without its share of mean people.  Haters everywhere you go!  And I know I’m not the only one who has had to experience this.  In fact, this is nothing compared to what others have probably had said about them.  I just thought it was so funny how starting my own blog has given me so many new insights and taught me so many new things, but I never thought this would be one of them.  I suppose I was being naive.  But overall it’s a good lesson to learn because it really is a dog-eat-dog world out there!  LOL! 

Lesson learned: Don’t dismiss the mean comments because even they have something to teach you. 😉

Have you had to deal with mean comments on your blog?  And if so, what lessons did you take away?

By Parita

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  1. Aww girl you are WAY too sweet to receive mean comments like that. I’m so sorry you got that email. But that’s awesome that you didn’t let it get to you. Who cares what that person thinks anyways??

    That salad looks fantastic by the way! It has so many of my favourite ingredients in it. 😀

  2. You have such a positive vibe (your innershakti i bet) and it comes across on your blog posts.. and reading your blog has become somewhat a daily routine 🙂

  3. GAH! One the heck is that person talking about? Lame, for sure. I’ve yet to deal with anything negative, but I know by putting myself out there I’m at risk and hopefully I too will just brush it off with a laugh!

  4. Wow, that sucks. Comments like that aren’t even worth your time though. I doubt that person has even read your blog, they just enjoy the rush they get from saying something mean to someone that isn’t in front of them.

  5. Omg that is so hateful! I honestly feel that those kind of comments are very spiteful and high school garbage. I wouldn’t worry about it, I love to read your blog and your life and culture. Please keep writing because you have many readers. Lots of love!

  6. Great attitude! I don’t know why people go out of their way to be mean and make others feel bad! I love your blog and it’s obvious I’m not the only one! Haters gonna hate so just keep doing what you do :)!

    Fortunately I’ve only ever experienced positive feedback about my blog but if ever I do recieve a mean comment, I hope to deal with it as gracefully as you have.

    Hope you don’t mind that I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  7. What a wonderful post! You’re so right that we can learn wonderful things from mean comments as well as many other unpleasant experiences.

    I have to say I have been lucky to not have received mean comments but I am sure it will happen at some point. There definitely are people out there with nothing better to do than to try to put other people down to make themselves feel better. So sad.

    You handled it wonderfully and congrats to you on developing that thick skin!
    BTW love that big mean green salad 🙂

  8. I am so sorry that you had to experience that girl! I think you and your blog are both amazing and it is so wonderful that you were able to react with such positivity! You are definitely an inspiration 🙂 And that salad looks SOOO good and sounds like a super healthy one too! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

  9. First of all, I’m really sorry that someone felt the need to make that comment – I adore your blog and obviously the comment was mean-spirited. Constructive criticism is one thing (although I believe it should be sought not “donated”), but that was simply mean. I remember when I first transitioned to wordpress, someone made a couple of comments about how I was obviously too thin, unhealthy, and must have an eating disorder. I tried to laugh them off – but they really bothered me for a couple of days – in the end, I ended up allowing them to stay “published.” Now, I can laugh about it – but it sounds like you dealt with your blog-“trolls” much better than I did!

  10. I’m very respective of constructive criticism in the comments section. We all have different viewpoints. But that’s just a worthless comment. And had I received it, I would have approved and made fun of it as necessary.

    Sorry people are assholes without reason. It happens… 🙁

  11. That person is a jerrrkkk. I’m so sorry, girl! We’ve already had this convo and I definitely know it sucks. But, this blog is for you and you alone, and there are plenty of people who love it 🙂

  12. I’m so sorry! I think we all get mean comments from time to time…and I am no exception. I’ve been told that I’m too thin, not a good mom, spoiled, that I complain too much.

    In one ear (or eye) and out the other my friend. It’s the only way to deal with that nonsense!

  13. I cannot believe that someone would write such a horrible comment. I happen to love your blog and think it is really inspiring. I know it must be so hard, but remember that you are being true to yourself and others care about your story and journey and are interested in it! Keep your head high, your blog is great!

  14. Sorry I’m a little behind. So sorry you received such an ugly comment. That’s no fun. 🙁 I hope it didn’t bother you too bad. Obviously some jerk has nothing else better to do with their time. I wouldn’t sweat it. You have a fantastic blog and if it wasn’t I wouldn’t visit!!

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