Hello, friends!  TGIF!!!

Well, do I have a story for you!  First off, you should probably know that I always have some sort of story to tell.  Some are hilarious to all, and some are probably just funny to me.  My friends may even tell you that they’re not laughing at my story but rather how I tell it because I always crack up in the middle of it all and have a hard time wrapping up.  The phrase that usually gets thrown around during Parita’s story hour is “there she goes again!”

Anyways, today started off like any other Friday.  Got up, worked out, showered, made and ate breakfast, and headed to work.  Nothing unusual about that at all.  Then I got to work, got a bunch done, and then headed out to lunch with a coworker.  We had decided on sushi, and since both us were absolutely famished, we left right at 11:30.  I offered to drive, and off we went. 

Something else I should mention is that I’ve gotten a couple…errr…a few speeding tickets in my day, so you can imagine that police sightings freak me out big time!  Anyways, please continue on… 

The roads in this area are pretty much one lane, narrow, and full of potholes.  Well, I was driving and chatting, and all of a sudden, I see sirens going off behind me.  EEEEK!  I asked my coworker if she knew why I was being pulled over, and she had no clue.  Lo and behold, the roads are also full of unmarked crosswalks.  I was being pulled over because I didn’t stop at a crosswalk for a man who I didn’t even see.  The police officer told me that the two cars in front of me didn’t stop when they should have, but I really should have.  I asked if there were blinking lights that I missed, and he said no.  Is it just me or does any of that not make sense at all?!  I felt like asking, “Why didn’t you pull them over as well?”  I refrained.  I handed over my license, registration, and insurance.  Then the questions started – “why do you have a GA license?  do you live around here?  are you a student?”  I stayed calm throughout.  Then the officer said something that was pretty much, in my opinion, my saving grace.  He said that my company actually asked the local police department to stand guard at this particular crosswalk to ensure the safety of pedestrians walking to the local restaurants.  I looked at him and said, “I work for [company name].”  He looked at me a little skeptically so I pulled out my badge.  He took one look and said, “Well consider this a warning and remember that this is a $250 offense.”  At that moment, a huge wave of relief washed over me.  I actually hated using my badge to get out of a ticket, but I was not about to dish out $250 for something I didn’t even know I committed.  I swear I didn’t even see the guy, and I was driving at 30 MPH.  All I can say is PHEWWWW!  That’s my story…

And here’s the delicious reason why I was out and about in the first place…my lunch…

Edamame to share
Egg drop soup...warms the soul!
Avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber...one of my all time favs!
Sweet potato tempura sushi...Oh My Goodness...some of the best sushi EVER!

 This was the best lunch ever, not only because of the great food and the great company, but because I avoided a $250 catastrophe. 

Well, learn from me, folks, and be careful out there!!

Have you ever been pulled over? Received a ticket?  Tell me your story! 

By Parita

0 thoughts on “Sirens”
  1. $250, thank goodness for your badge! I have never been pulled over by a cop and I hope I don’t get ever (i am good at jinxing my own self).

    Sushi looks delicious!

  2. Phew is right! I’m so glad it worked out okay. I’m so glad I had some great sushi last night because your beautiful pics are making me crave it!

    I’ve only gotten one speeding ticket and it was on a long downhill near my university. I was heading home after a workout and enjoying the breeze and just let the hill take me too fast–whoops!

  3. How awesome that you got away without paying $250! I had to pay $399 for running a red light once…and get this, a camera caught me!! Talk about frustrating. And expensive.

  4. I got 2 speeding tickets in the same month- and both times the officer was SO mean- one even accused me of being under the influence on a sunday afternoon bc I was so nervous that I was shaking… ugh!

    Lucky you got out of it, though!

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