I got home from work, checked my snail mail, and saw that I had a Netflix DVD waiting for me.  As soon as I stepped into my apartment, a debate began in my head…start making a proper dinner right away vs. put What Happens in Vegas in the DVD player, plop your butt on the couch, and relax.  Can you guess which argument won?!?!?!


If you guessed being lazy and plopping myself on the couch, you guessed right!  Yes, I switched things up a little by taking a Friday night ritual and turning it into a Tuesday night treat!  I’m living life on the wild side!!!  LOL!

Healthy living is not just about eating nutritious foods and exercising until the sweat drips into your eyes…there’s another component that entails relaxing, giving yourself a break, and enjoying the small things in life.  So, tonight, my friends, I gave myself a night off from making a proper dinner, I changed into my PJs, and I enjoyed a simple, sweet romantic comedy.  And I couldn’t be happier!!!

Other ways I “turn off” and just be:

  • Call a good friend and chat it up
  • Read a good (non-work related) book
  • Pedicures
  • Shopping (sometimes this stresses me out, so I have to be careful) 🙂
  • Naps <- this is when I literally turn off
  • Bubble baths

What kinds of activities allow you to “turn off” and just be?

By Parita

0 thoughts on “One of Those Nights”
    1. oh, and ways I like to turn off are skyping with my new adorable nephew, watching mindless tv and taking a long hot shower!

  1. Curling up with a book and bubble baths top the list for me! And when the hubs is away or flying… I make every night friday-night-esque with movies, reading, and laziness. haha

    which oddly enough, is what tonight turned out to be! <3

  2. I completely agree with all of your “turn off” activities. Ha, and shopping definitely can makes things worse if I don’t watch out either. I think a bubble bath is one of my absolute favorites 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your movie!

  3. Haha oh you wild child ;)! That sounds like an ideal way to zone out! Nothing beats watching a chick flick, giving into your cravings, and getting into your pjs! Love nights like those!

  4. Whoo hoo you wild woman you! hehe I’m the same way except a little worse in that I kinda have to ‘plan’ when to watch the movie. My husband will get one and want to watch it right then and I’m always like hoooooold up….we’ll watch it either LATER or tomorrow. Drives him crazy!

    So how was the movie??

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