I am officially all moved in!  But really, all this means is that my stuff is in my apartment.  There is a ton of organizing and cleaning that still needs to happen…bleh. 

Mother Nature did not want to cooperate yesterday, hence this is what I woke up to…

I saw this and wanted to cry...

No worries, I didn’t cry – I think I actually laughed. 🙂  Before I tackled the weather, I wanted to get in a filling, yummy breakfast, so I ate this…

Breakfast cookie (bowl)

I was catching up on a few blogs Thursday night, and when I got to Amanda’s, I was super excited because I had everything I needed to make her Breakfast Cookie recipe!  Thank you, Amanda, because this was absolutely delicious – creamy, pudding/mousse-like, and so filling!  I can see myself making this all.the.time.

I’m glad I had a good breakfast because lunch didn’t happen until 2 pm in the form of Papa John’s pizza.  I hadn’t had chain pizza in a really long time, and after yesterday’s lunch, I made the decision to avoid it as much as possible from now on.  It wasn’t very good.  Oh well, it filled me up, and that’s what counted yesterday. 

Well, after a long chain of events, including lugging my stuff from the hotel to my car in six inches of snow, realizing that I have way too much kitchen stuff and that my new kitchen is actually kind of small, staying up past my bedtime sifting through my stuff, I have a home!  There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done, but I hope to be finished by tonight.

Here’s what I’m most proud of…

A neat and organized closet 🙂

I promise there’s a method to my madness!

And here’s what needs to be worked on a bit…

Random stuff everywhere

I did some cleaning this morning, so this is actually pretty good.

Oh and this…hey, laundry, can you please go wash yourself?!  Please!

Bleh bleh bleh

I hope y’all are doing something super fun this weekend!  If for nothing else, please do it for me since I won’t be able to get out much.

By Parita

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    1. It would take me a long time too, but I’m lucky in that my movers unpack everything for me (i.e., take things out of the boxes and put them in the appropriate room). 🙂

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