Hiya!  How’s your Wednesday going?  Mine had a bit of a crazy start.  Everything was just dandy until I started up my car and reached for my phone so I could call my mom while the car was heating up.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I turned off my car and went back into the hotel, up the elevator, and sprinted to my room.  My phone was nowhere to be found.  I then went back downstairs to the gym to see if I had left it there, but nope, still no phone.  I thought to myself, “Screw it.  Just go to work and worry about it later.”  For some reason, I decided to (re)check my bag.   Lo and behold, my phone was at the bottom of my bag.  Phew!  Then on my drive to work, I made a wrong turn.  I seriously felt like slapping myself!  I’m just glad I realized my mistake when I did.  All in all, my frazzled and forgetful behavior cost me 15 minutes. 

The rest of my day was great until a manager at work said that “everything is HR’s fault.”  I’m not one to shy away from these types of comments because I’m very passionate about what I do and am confident in my capabilities.  I was actually about to let it pass this time, but he said something again a few minutes later to which I had to respond.  I, very professionally, told him that HR had nothing to do with the tool he was having issues with.  He didn’t say anything and the meeting continued.  My retort may or may not have had an effect (I’m leaning towards the latter), but I had to say something.  After typing all of this out, I realize that y’all probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but that’s ok because I had to let my frustrations out.  “AHHHHHHHH!!!”  Sometimes people kinda annoy me!  LOL!

My evening is going to be awesome because my favorite shows are on tonight!  Woot woot!

So, I have a question for y’all.  What is your opinion on frozen meals?  Is there a particular brand you eat every now and then?  I ask because I’m not too keen on them, but I did pick this up at WFs…

The flavor was right on, and I really like the organic factor.  However, it was lacking in the “keep you full” category.  I plan on eating a small snack later on.

Ok, y’all…time to get my Modern Family on!!!  Goodnight!

By Parita

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  1. Some times just writing about these annoying people makes you feel so much better!

    I like Amy’s frozen meals the best, but I mostly couple it with a salad or greek yogurt to keep myself full.

  2. I felt sorry for you on 2 counts after reading this ,,, 1st because you had to step out of your “nice” zone at work into the “thick-skin” zone, but good for you! 2nd, I just finished a plate of enchiladas from Mi Nidito and I came home to see your frozen, hotel food blog and I said …too bad, so sad for Parita, but soon you’ll be posting about more luxurious dinner treats … so thought I’d share my great food experience to help you imagine your frozen food has Mi Nidito origins 🙂

  3. I’ve had those and they are GOOD! I like a little crunch with them so I like to scoop the beans/rice with tortilla chips. And add a little salsa to the enchilada.

    Glad you found your phone. I tend to panic when I can’t find mine. I’m just always so sure that someone stole it. Not worried about the phone itself, more just my pictures. I save them on my smugmug periodically, but really should do it more often.

  4. Vent away, girlie! I hate when rude comments are made in the workplace – because it’s so difficult to give them a piece of your mind AND be professional at the same time (or maybe it’s just hard for a potty mouth like me haha!) And I eat frozen veggies and meals a lot. I like Kashi frozen meals, but they’re so dang expensive! I stick to buying frozen veggies and mixing them with rice 🙂

  5. I wish it would have been a new episode!!! 🙁 But I still watched it lol And I’m not too fond of frozen meals but if it’s not high in sodium and there’s nothing else to eat I’ll eat it lol

  6. I LOVE Amy’s meals! So much! They are definitely my go to meals when I am in a jiffy! My favorites are the pesto tortellini or the vegetarian lasagna! SO GOOD 🙂 I always eat mine with a side salad to help with the “filling” factor!

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