Woo wee – it’s been a long day of traveling for me.  Hope your Sunday was less tiring and more fun than mine!  Well, I’m back in Boston, and although I do love this city, I miss home like crazy!  The past few days were so much fun.  I’m already planning my next trip home, which will more than likely be in early May for a friend’s engagement party!  I love having things to look forward to!

On the way back to my hotel, I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a few things for the week.  I also wanted to try the salad  bar.  Check out my colorful and nutritious salad and the purchase I’m looking forward to eating the most.

Salad with all the fixings - spinach, beets, olives, peppers, quinoa, celery, chickpeas, and a piece of an enchilada (?)
Peanut butter + Dark Chocolate = HEAVEN

Dosa Night Recap

I didn’t get a chance to post last night because I wanted to maximize my time with the fam and Vishnu.  My mom made dosas, sambar (lentil soup/stew), and yogurt chutney/sauce.  Dosas are thin crepes filled with a spicy potato and onion mixture.  It was, hands down, the best dinner of the weekend!  Here is a picture recap of the night…

All set-up and ready to eat
Take a peek inside
My favorite peeps!
Sista Sista
Future Doctors of America!
Chef Mom 🙂
I LOVE dosas!

The rest of the night was full of laughter, debates, and creative thinking because after dinner, my sister, Vishnu, and I played Scattergories – all 16 rounds!  Guess who won (as always)?!  ME!  Something to note about me is that I am a competitive board game player.  I love winning!  And it’s fun to win against Aek and Vishnu because they are major nerds and seriously two of the smartest people I know. 🙂

After writing this recap, I miss home even more…a little over a month until the next time though!

Ok, I’m out.  Have a great night, y’all!

By Parita

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  1. Glad you had so much fun! Leaving is always hard, but I think it makes relationships so much stronger when you live far away…as backwards as that seems. My mom and I didn’t get along very well when we lived close. When I moved a state away we got a LOT closer and talked even more than when I lived near her. Weird how that happens!

    I’ve never played Scattergories, but mental note taken that you MAY try to hussle me! haha!

  2. aww what a sweet family and sweet time together~I love it when people are close to family like that. O myyyy dosa sounds like my type of food. Any indian food is bomb! I sooo miss the stews and chicken soups from India!! I think I was one of the few people that actually loved everything! including the homemade curd? or yogurt? haha the village people made us sit on their beds and eat until we almost exploded. sorry this was so long of a comment! just got nostalgic 🙂

    1. Don’t apologize!!! I love that you love Indian food. 🙂 It’s funny that you mentioned yogurt because my mom made her own from scratch this weekend. YUMMY!

  3. I heard that story on NPR too! Running definitely can be hard on our bodies, but as long as we are training and running healthily, it’s one of the best forms of exercise out there!

    Glad you had a good time on Hotlanta – I love playing Scattergories too! Definitely need to re-add that into our game-playing repetoire!

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