How’s life?  How’s everything going?  Hope all is well!

Ok, ok, enough with all the formalities. 🙂  I’m super excited because I am going HOME (Atlanta) tomorrow!!!  Woot woot!  The last time I was home was at the end of December through early January.  The last time I saw my dad was over Thanksgiving (he was in India when I went home).  I saw my mom last at the end of December.  I saw my sister last on New Year’s day right before she left for school (she’s a junior at Northwestern).  And last but not least, I saw Vishnu last when he came out to Tucson for a visit in mid-January.  It’s been SO long since I’ve seen all my favorite people!  I’ve decided that it’s not ok to go so long without seeing your loved ones.  As a result of this epiphany, I’m going to try to make trips back home more often.  I’m also going to make more of an effort to visit my friends because I love them too. 🙂

Another reason I’m excited…

You can just ignore the rain on Saturday because it always rains in Atlanta. 😛  And anyways, a high of 79 compared to a high of 38 in Boston is a win in my eyes any day!

Another reason I’m super excited to go home is because my mom has already planned our menu for the week.  I know everyone thinks their mom is the BEST cook EVER, but believe me when I say, “My mom really is the BEST cook EVER.”  She can pretty much take any combination of ingredients and create a masterpiece.  I know that enchiladas, dosa (thin Indian pancakes stuffed with a spicy potato mixture), and falafels are on the list.  Overeating here I come!

Oh, and at the end of December, my mom joined my dad in India and had the opportunity to do lots and lots of shopping!  I can’t wait to see all the goodies she brought back for me and my sister!  Don’t you worry, I will be dedicating an entire post to all of my new outfits, saris, and jewelry. 

Me and my momma!

I am also excited to hang out with my sister.  I expect a lot of laughing, talking, some arguing debating, and running!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here yet, but we are going to be running the Providence Rock n’ Roll half marathon together in August!  This will be my second half and her first.  Super excited!  Neither of us has signed up yet because we want to do it together.  Cue the awwwws. 🙂  I’ll post more about this in a couple of weeks.

We'll always be 10 at heart!

A visit home would not be complete without a couple of Bollywood movie nights!  In case you’re wondering, Bollywood is the Indian version of Hollywood.  My dad is the biggest Bollywood fanatic EVER.  He knows everything about the industry, movies, and actors.  I wish there was a game show based on Bollywood and it’s movies because there is no doubt in my mind that my dad would win. 🙂  Look forward to a post on Bollywood in the near future as well.  If you like singing, dancing, and lots of drama for your mama, you’ll love Bollywood movies.

And finally, I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with this guy…

My Love!

Vishnu and I have been doing long distance for almost 3 years now (and we’ve been dating for almost 6), so I really cherish any time I can spend with him. 🙂  He’s picking me up at the airport tomorrow, and I told him to get ready because as soon as I see him, I plan on launching an attack.   And I really don’t care that the airport is a public place!

Well, off to bed I go!  I plan on getting to work super early tomorrow, and I want to squeeze in a quick run beforehand.  Have a great night!

By Parita

31 thoughts on “So Excited I Just Can’t Hide It!”
  1. aww girl what a fabulous post! i love how you’re going back home! ‘home is where the heart is’ right 🙂 how awesome! and i love how you talk about you and your bf doing long distance! my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years and have been doing the long distance relationship for almost a year now, (and another year to go) because of grad school. props to you! whats your secret?! love your blog! can’t wait to read more! xo

    1. Thank you so much! Home certainly is where the heart is! And the secret to long distance…hmmm…I don’t know! A lot of trust, good communication, and lots of patience is a good start!

  2. Atlanta isn’t home for me, but I know how I excited I am when I get to go there, so I can only imagine how excited you are! Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute!

  3. Ummm… what time should I be over for dinner? 😉

    How long are you in town? Some of the MBA ladies are having dinner together on the 30th. If you are still here, you should join!

  4. What a sweet family you have…and how cute is your bf? He looks a bit like a Bollywood star with his sunglasses on. 🙂

    Have a lovely time in Atlanta!!

  5. you sort of resemble priyanka chopra! pretty!
    i’m a new reader, and what an exciting entry! good luck on the marathon, and congrats on getting to see your lovah ! hope you have a great time, i look forward to reading more 😀


  6. OMG. that samosa chat looks yummy. now i’m craving some too! definitely making that soon…thanks for sharing the recipe =)

    happy that you are home with the fam…seems like you are all having a fun!

    looking forward to the india shopping post…opening bags after a trip to india (even if you didnt go yourself) is like christmas day for me!

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