Can you do me a favor?  Pretty please!  Go to Carrie’s blog at Moves ‘N Munchies and check out her blog post on body image and how women view their bodies.  I love her blog as it is, but I really think this was one of the most powerful blog posts I’ve read in a long time. 

I’ve dealt with body image issues for quite a few years now.  I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and hate what you see.  I know what it’s like to compare yourself to every other girl you see.  I know what it’s like to open up a magazine and wish with all your heart that you looked like one of the models or featured actresses.  And I know I’m not alone.  Negative body image is not an easy thing to overcome, but it is possible.  And I don’t think women are the only ones that suffer from this disease.  Yes, it’s a disease.  Trust me. 

Over the past year or so, I’ve made a conscious effort to really eliminate negative self-talk  and negative self-thoughts from my life.  I used to roll my eyes when I would read or hear things like, “You really have to love yourself first.”  The old me honestly used to think, “What crap!”  But it’s SO SO SO true.  When you love yourself, you take care of yourself and your needs.  Again, this is not an easy battle to fight, but it’s worth it because I now know that I’m worth it. 

Sorry for getting all serious today, but I REALLY feel passionate and strongly about this topic.  Most all of us have dealt with this issue, and it’s not an easy thing to talk about.  So if you will, please do me another favor.  Before going to bed tonight, write down 5 things you love about you.  Save that piece of paper and pull it out whenever you feel that negative self-talk creeping into your thoughts.  Why?  Because YOU are worth it! 

Do you or have you ever suffered from this “disease?”  How are you or how did you overcome it?

By Parita

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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I have found that the more I work out, the better I feel. For example, with all this stuff going on with my husband I stopped working out for a week. I just KNEW I had gained 5 ibs. I knew it with everything in me. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and weighed EXACTLY the same. It’s a mental game!

    Going to the gym and running makes me feel better. If I do a four mile run, I am actually proud of my body for being able to do things like that and less self conscious!

  2. THANK YOU!! you are such a sweetheart- im so so so glad you posted on this.. im so passionate about it too and i think if everyone was then the worlds image and outlook on beauty could truly change! im going to write down 5 things tonight- i love that idea!

  3. thanks so much for sharing, i’m sure many readers can relate to this. to tell you the truth, i haven’t had body image problems since i was a teenager, and i don’t even know how i got over it. somehow i just knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that NObody is “perfect” and that NObody notices what you *think* your problem areas are. i just wish i knew HOW i knew so that i could inspire other women, ya know?

  4. I read it this morning! it suuuuch an important topic right? I feel like once a week there should be a blogger that addressses this over and over again — so everyone gets a chance to read it in blogland ya know?

    im so happy you’re kicking negative self talk too! im working so very hard on it! =)

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Parita. It’s such a tough thing to deal with, and I find myself always comparing my body to other girls…especially with the media, magazines, etc. I just try to remember what my mom always said, “It’s important to be beautiful inside first, and then your beauty will shine on the outside.”

  6. I think we’ve all had down days/weeks/etc where we deal with the negative feelings. I feel like sometimes I’m a little too hard on myself- it’s important to remember to let those little things go… I always think and ask myself, “will this really matter in 20 years?”

  7. Eliminating negative “Self Talk” and “Fat Talk” is something that I am so totally passionate about. I still struggle every day to eliminate it in my own life, and hope that we will some day have a positive mass media and education environment so girls never feel the need to start and perpetuate the “fat talk” cycle. For me, I have to remember that I say things to myself that I’d never say to anyone else, even if I had a worst enemy – we have to be our own best friends first, and if we engage in negative self talk, we aren’t supporting us. Great post!

  8. I think it’s very easy to fall into the self negativity trap. Now is when I can say that I am comfortable in my own skin and that I love my body. It’s hard to admit that we love ourselves but when that day comes life is just so much sweeter.

  9. Yessss it was a struggle for me on and off for me. Of course, I don’t think that it’s somethiing we’ll ever be without, but def. something we can fight against and reject! I just always remember how God sees me as beautiful and that He has given me special qualities in many areas~just seeing myself through His eyes. 🙂 keep on rockin’ Parita!! you ARE gorgeous and beautiful though by the way! I really hope you know that~ <3

    1. Thank you, Ellie! You are so sweet and pretty beautiful yourself!! I too believe we were given the minds, bodies, and souls that we have for a reason!

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