How many times have you started telling your husband, fiance, boyfriend, brother, dad, guy friend, etc. about a problem or issues you are having only to be given advice?!  “Why don’t you just ____” or “Did you think about it this way ____” or “You are going about it that the wrong way, here’s what you should do – ____” or “Here’s what I would do – ____.”  I tend to get really passionate when I talk through things that are bothering me or going wrong, so when Vishnu, instead of listening, starts giving me advice on how I should handle the situation, I tend to get slightly bothered!  This is something we talk and joke about after the fact because in our relationship he’s the more rational thinker and I’m the more emotional one. 

Last week, after watching the newest episode of Modern Family, Vishnu called and started telling me about it.  I won’t give away the details, but Claire and Phil (a married couple with three kids on the show) very much resembled Parita and Vishnu from the first paragraph.  After work today, I finally got on Hulu and watched the episode.  Needless to say, it was SUPER funny!  Repeat side note: if you have never seen an episode of Modern Family, PLEASE start with season one and get on it!  You’ll wonder why you didn’t jump on the bandwagon sooner – I promise!  Anyways, in this episode, Claire is super busy and juggling arguments between her two daughters and demands from a lady she volunteers with, and when she tries to talk to Phil about it, he just upsets her by giving her advice.  Ugh, men!  By the end of the episode Phil learns about how by lending a sympathetic ear, using words of encouragement and appreciation, and just plain listening Claire’s attitude changes for the better.  This episode really reminded me of how sometimes men really are from Mars and women from Venus. 🙂

The funny thing is that I didn’t have to say a word to Vishnu about his slightly annoying habit!  When we were talking, he said, “Sometimes, I am so much like Phil.  I need to learn to listen more.”  That made me smile. 🙂  I wanted to say, “Yes, babe, you do, but I’m not perfect either!  So, just like your advice gets on my nerves, I’m sure my nagging and emotional outbursts slightly annoy you too…sometimes!”  However, I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything.  🙂  I let him ponder a little bit on his own thought!

Phil and Claire Dunphy
Vishnu and Parita 🙂

Do you see the resemblance?!  LOL!

Do you agree that men don’t listen as well as women want them to?  Share your funny stories about the male species (and if any males wants to reverse that, please share)!!!

By Parita

14 thoughts on “I don’t want your advice…I just want you to listen!!!”
  1. Y’all are adorable! Love it.

    I actually read a book for one of my college classes back in the day (Women in Contemporary Society) and it mentioned how men have this desire to fix things and women just want to vent and let it all out without thinking of a solution right away!

  2. welp, here’s something funny… I have some female friends who listen WORSE than my male friends!

    I think it’s a self-absorbed thing, not just a male thing.

    1. I agree with you on that. Women aren’t always the greatest at listening either. Both genders need to work on their listening skills. 🙂

  3. Haha love the Modern Family picture! So sad last night was a repeat! And yea I totally agree with you, sometimes I’m just trying to vent and get told what I “should” I have… lol

  4. This post couldn’t be any more truer. Men seem to be just waiting to give advices when the only thing you are expecting them to do is listen!

    You two are a beautiful couple!!

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