Tonight is my last night in Arizona.  🙁  After spending a little over 8 months here, I can truly say with all my heart that I will miss it, my family, and the new friends I made.  It’s bittersweet because with this move comes the opportunity to experience a new city, new people, and a new role at work.  As my aunt likes to say, we always have to look forward to the fun times that lay ahead versus constantly feeling sad for the times that have passed.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be easier said then done… 

The word that comes to mind when I think of my 8 months here is family.  When I left Atlanta to move here, I was leaving my family.  When I arrived here, my family (my aunt, uncle, and cousin) was here to welcome me and help me with my transition.  When I started work, my coworkers took me under their wings and became family.  I’m a pretty lucky girl! 

My last dinner here was delicious (do you see a trend with my last few posts?!).  We had chaat puri, traditional Indian street food, except ours was 100% homemade!  Chaat starts with puris, fried, circular flatbreads.  The puris are filled with a potato, onion, and black chana (chickpea) mixture.  That is then topped with a cool yogurt sauce, sweet and spicy chutneys, and sev (fried stringy snack food).  With each bite you get a little sweet, a little spicy, and a whole lot of yummy!  Now that I’ve painted a picture with words, here’s an actual picture so you get a better idea about what I’m rambling on and on about… 🙂

Well, I am off to spend some time with the family.  I have an early flight to catch.  Next time I write a post, I’ll be in Boston!  Have a great night!

Have you ever tried any kind of Indian chaat?  Were you a fan?

By Parita

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  1. aw, i hear you, moving is always bittersweet. such exciting things to look forward to, but it’s always hard to leave your loved ones behind. i bet Boston is going to be awesome though, i hear it’s a great town! hope you have a great flight!

  2. Leaving your home is always sad. Especially knowing your probably not ever going back. I’m leaving TX for CO in a few months and we’ve been here 10 YEARS and it’s really all our son has ever known. I know I will boo hoo when we leave.

    Have fun and think of it as an’s an exciting new chapter!

  3. Boston is such a beautiful place! I wish you tons of luck with your move and adjusting in another place. I am sure you are going to do fabulously.

    And chaat…how I love Indian chaat!

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