I’m baaackkk!!!  I want to be consistent (as much as I can be) with my blog posts this week so that I can keep y’all up to date with my DC adventures. 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post, my co-workers and I headed to Old Ebbitt Grill for dinner.  The restaurant is close to the White House, so I think it’s pretty busy most of the time.  The inside is gorgeous and HUGE!  The food was really good, and surprisingly there were plenty of veggie options.  Our table ordered the hummus plate as one of the appetizers, and it came with soft pita bread and fresh veggies on the side.

I ordered the Falafel Salad as my entrée.  The salad was pretty average (and colorful), but the dressing was really unique.  It was a cool, creamy yogurt dressing that had a spicy bite.  It was very refreshing!

Positive Thoughts Yield…

So, I have a question for y’all.  Do you think that positive thoughts yield positive results? 

I was reading the chapter in the “Discover Your Inner Strength” book by my co-worker, and it addressed the different inner strengths within all of us.  For example, she talks about the Path of Purpose, the Path of Possibility, and the Path of Power just to name a few.  As I was reading the chapter, I thought about a new path…the Path of Positivity.  I am really starting to believe that the energy you put out into the world is the same energy that comes back to you at some point in time.  I know this sounds very much like “The Secret,” but I guess what I’m talking about is much simpler.  When faced with a challenging situation, we should take a few deep breaths, not freak out, and put some positive thoughts out into the world, such as “It’s going to be ok.  Everything will work out somehow.”  I guess this chapter has me thinking because I usually do the complete opposite.  I tend to freak out when I can’t find my keys that are sitting at the bottom of my purse.  Haha!  Positivity is an inner strength I am trying to grow and develop because I think the world has enough pessimists.  Hey, maybe if the rest of us put enough positive thoughts out into the universe it will cancel out the negative energy of those who want nothing to do with positivity.  Something to think about… 🙂

By Parita

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    1. You’re absolutely right. The thing I find hard is being positive around really negative/mean/grumpy people. I guess I can only work on myself and hope that some of me rubs off on them. 🙂

  1. What a great post! Thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! This message in particular of putting in positive thoughts to the world really resonates with me. If we put in negative energy, why should we expect positive results? Thank you for an eye opening post!

  2. What a nice post! When I recently visited DC, I ate at Old Elbitt and I thought it was just okay – talk about my negative thoughts. 🙂 However, on a positive note, you should try Zed’s Ethiopian Cuisine, it was outstanding! And I have to try Georgetown Cupcakes! Unfortunately I went to Baked & Wired and it wasn’t all that.
    I really enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much! I just checked out yours and can’t wait to read more. And yeah, I wasn’t that impressed with OEG either. Although I have been there for brunch and it was great, so who knows! And you MUST try Georgetown Cupcakes…I kid you not when I say they were the best ever! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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