When I was younger, I disliked Wednesdays.  It was the hump of the week and nothing fun ever seemed to ever happen on Wednesday.  Now, however, I LOVE Wednesdays!  You may be thinking why Wednesday, why now.  Well, here’s my reason…ABC’s lineup: The Middle, Better With You, and Modern Family!!!  All three shows are so different and funny, and you know how I love to laugh!  Wednesdays are now like the Fridays from my childhood (TGIF anyone?!?!).  If you’re not already a fan of these shows, let me see if I can convince you to tune in.

The Middle: This show is about an average middle class family and their shenanigans.  The oldest son is a high school [wannabe] jock that is too cool for school.  He also refuses to grow up.  The daughter is a very mature adult stuck in a dorky teenager’s body!  She’s too cute.  🙂  The youngest is an 8 (maybe 10) year old that loves to read and use big words.  He’s smarter than his entire family.  The parents are your average working class type who try their best to raise good kids while juggling work and family.  It’s such a refreshing change from reality TV, crime shows, etc.

Better With You: This new show is pretty good, but definitely not my favorite.  I think I watch it because it’s after The Middle and before Modern Family.  It could be funnier, but it’s fun to watch, so I still recommend it.  It’s about two sisters, their parents, and significant others.  The parents are pretty dysfunctional and crazy, the sisters are very close but also very different from each other, and their significant others are cute!  I like that it shows how relationships change from the early stages all the way to 30 years of marriage.

Modern Family: This is one of my all time favorite shows!  If you didn’t catch on last season (season 1), PLEASE get your hands on the episodes and watch them in order.  You won’t regret it!  And don’t blame me if you become obsessed. 🙂  This show is about how families come in all shapes and sizes.  It follows the life of one big seemingly  abnormal family consisting of 3 individual families and how they all navigate the complex relationships and funny situations that arise.  You’ll LOVE it!

Before my shows started, I had a Trader Joe’s lentil soup.  In my opinion, it was just ok.  I’ve had better.  It was full of healthy veggies, but the flavor was lacking.  I should have added my own spices to jazz it up a bit.

The soup wasn’t enough to fill me up, so I made a big bowl of Greek yogurt sweetened with honey and blueberries!  Creamy and sweet – a perfect combo!

Alright, folks!  I’m off to watch Modern Family, so Happy Wednesday…until next time!

By Parita

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  1. If you miss an episode of Modern Family, you can catch it for free later that week on HULU … now you know my secret Internet TV source

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