So, I am going to go against the grain and not really post anything about Valentine’s Day today.  🙂  Instead, I am going to talk about something I learned from a mentor at work.  My company really supports mentoring and encourages employees to find mentors to help them grow and develop.  My mentor was instrumental in helping me learn more about our company and myself as a leader.  During our first meeting, we talked a lot about our personal values and philosophy.  What my mentor had to say was too good not to share.  🙂  So here it is…

1. Behaviors become habits, good discipline leads to good habits
2. Communication without follow-up is not effective
3. Questions can be commands – it’s all in how you administer them (my favorite)
4. When you ask questions, always ask when – it will help you develop a plan
5. There are two types of people in the world – which one are you?

– The one who values doing the right thing vs. just checking the box
– A giver vs. a taker
– One who looks for a solution/answer vs. the one who comes up with the excuses
– A closer vs. a languisher

6. Be technically competent – know/learn your discipline, become an expert at it, be the go to person
7. Multiply thyself – teach as many people as you can what you know, help others be successful
8. Be open to the call – do your job well
9. Finish – close and complete your tasks, this adds value to you and those around you
10. Relationships are key – you will only be as successful as the people around you; be honest, truthful, trustworthy, and kind

Aren’t those great?!  I thought about them for weeks after our discussion.

What do you think of these nuggets of wisdom?  Do you have any of your own?


Dinner was the same as last night, except I ate the stir fry over some brown rice.  I love leftovers!  Being a busy working gal, I don’t always have time to prepare everything right before dinner, so I use this rice to help speed along the process…

All you have to do is warm it up in the microwave for 90 seconds. The package serves 2.  If you like sticky brown rice, this stuff is for you!  You can get a really good deal on this rice at Costco for about $6 for a pack of six vs. $1.50 for one pack at Trader Joe’s. 🙂  That’s me, always looking for a deal!

After dinner I snacked on some fresh, juicy blueberries.  Yum!  I really like this pic!

Well, I’m off to do some more pre-moving stuff (blah) AND watch some Friends episodes (season 7)!!!  Happy V-Day everyone!!!

By Parita

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