If you have never been laser tagging, please go as soon as you can!  It’s sooo fun!  🙂  We went for my cousin’s birthday today, and let me tell you, I felt like a kid again, and I’m pretty sure I acted like one too!  Our party consisted of about 12 kids and 5 adults, and it’s pretty safe to say that the adults were more competitive than the kids.  How do I know this?  Three of the top five scores belonged to one of the  adults.  LOL!  We played two 20 minute games, and I was not  in the top 10 for either.  Let me show you how I did…

Game 1 = not so great

Game one wasn’t the best for me…I scored 23 out of 24.  My “shoot and run” strategy didn’t serve me so well!

Game 2 = MUCH better 🙂

I restrategized for Game 2 and ranked 11th. 🙂  I used a “hide and shoot” strategy.  For those of you who decide to try this fun game, I highly recommend this strategy!

All the fun this afternoon got me thinking about my birthday parties growing up.  Birthday parties used to be such a big deal.  Most of mine were slumber parties, which meant 5-7 girls all hyped on sugar running and dancing all around our basement.  Like I said, so much fun!!!  My favorite memory is from my own 10th birthday when my friends and I acted out our own version of Aladdin (one of my favorite movies to this day)! 

Anyways, I digress…check out the birthday boy’s birthday cake.

Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling is starting to become one of my favorites.  It’s like a strawberry shortcake cake. 🙂

After a lunch of pizza and cake, we all wanted some Indian comfort food.  My aunt made some khichidi.  Khichidi is a wonderful combination of rice, potatoes, onions, carrots, peanuts, and spices all cooked together in a pressure cooker.  The rice is topped with a spicy yogurt curry.  My description does not do this dish any justice, and it’s a bit complicated to make, so I don’t have the recipe down yet.  No worries though…once I get the chance, I will sit down with my mom or aunt and jot it down, so I can share!  In the meantime, here are some pics of dinner.

Pepper, onion, cucumber salad made by yours truly!
Khichidi...Indian comfort food

What are some of your favorite birthday memories? 

By Parita

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