Eating, hiking in the canyon, eating, driving up a mountain, eating, touring a cave, eating…

That pretty much sums up the weekend!  Oh, did I mention we ate a lot!?!?

Roshni and Sweeti’s flights got in late Friday night, but we still managed to get up at 6 AM on Saturday to go hiking.  Yes, I did say 6 AM!!! I took them to Sabino Canyon because of the beautiful views.  We hiked a total of 8.4 miles!  It was so fun!


We were exhausted by the end of the hike, but it was totally worth it. 🙂

After relaxing and showering we headed to Mi Nidito (yes, I go there often)!  Roshni and I each ordered a bean enchilada with a side of rice and beans.  That sounds boring, but it was really delicious!  Sweeti ordered the Flat – Old Fashioned enchiladas – essentially corn cakes smothered in sauce and cheese…very unique and filling.


Flat Enchiladas


Next, we drove up Mt. Lemmon to experience some breathtaking views of Tucson.

Before we headed home, we made a pit stop at Frost, a local gelateria.  Unfortunately, I devoured my dark chocolate gelato and completely forgot to snap a picture. 🙁  Sorry!  I won’t forget next time!

Later that night we headed out to experience Tucson night life.  It was a very interesting night but LOTS of fun nonetheless!  It totally reminded me of our undergrad days!!!

The next day we got ready and headed to Lovin’ Spoonfuls (yes, I frequent this place a lot too!).  I decided not to branch out and ordered the usual – a Club Sandwich with a chocolate chip cookie on the side.  🙂  My meal didn’t disappoint!


Club Sandwich


Kartchner Caves was next on the list, so we headed out and drove about an hour south(ish).  If you’re ever in Southern Arizona, you should definitely try to visit and tour these caves.  We saw beautiful stalagmite and stalactite formations and learned about how the cave has evolved over thousands of years.  In my opinion, some of the formations were unreal!  And to think, they were formed from drops of water…craziness!  We couldn’t take the camera into the caves, so I don’t have pictures for y’all, but if you’re interested, please visit the official site for more information (Kartchner Caves).

Our night ended with more Mexican food (can’t get enough) at Guadalajara Grill.  GGrill has a fun atmosphere and ambiance.  I ended up ordering a cheese enchilada with a side of beans.  This restaurant introduced me to my very first Tucson Mexican food experience, but I must say, nothing beats Mi Nidito.  Hey, we all have our favorites!


Fresh, made-to-order salsa!

Our night ended with Bollywood songs via YouTube!!!  For those of you who may not know what Bollywood it, it’s the Indian version of Hollywood.  Don’t worry, I will dedicate an upcoming post to Bollywood so you are all well-informed!


That was my weekend!  I was so sad to see it end, but I know there are more fun times ahead!  🙂  Even after a 2 hour nap, I am still exhausted.  Off to bed I go!

By Parita

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