If you don’t remember what Girl Connection is, read this post first – Girl Connection.  My company’s volunteer coordinator just sent out pictures from the event, and I wanted to share!

Self-defense workshop
Me with the girls!
The whole gang 🙂

I didn’t share this in the last post, but during lunch, one girl innocently asked me, “so, what high school do you go to?”  When I told her I graduated a long time ago, she responded with “you look young,” and the others nodded in agreement.  I literally LOLed!  I then tried to explain my educational background but quickly realized that I was losing their interest, so I shut up! 🙂  Overall, the event was well put together and lots of fun.  I hope my company continues to sponsor it in the future.

Snack Idea of the Day

As I was writing this post, I ate one of my new favorite concoctions.  I’m not going to bother adding it to the recipe page because I would feel a little silly (it’s really simple).  All you do is take a cup or so of Greek yogurt (I am really liking the Trader Joe’s brand), a squirt or two or three of honey :), and granola and mix it all up.  That’s it…so easy but so good!  The honey adds the right amount of sweetness with no funny aftertaste, and the granola adds the crunch.  A perfect snack to hold me over until dinner!

I’m off to clean my apartment before I have to go to the airport. 🙂

By Parita

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