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Apartment Hunting in My New City

Random updates from my weekend…

1. I just got back from apartment hunting in Tampa. Smile  I’m happy to report that I managed to find a pretty awesome place for a great deal! 

2. I decided to take a “blogging break” this weekend.  This means I didn’t blog at all and took about two pictures the entire weekend.  My reason is a pretty good one (at least I think so).  Vishnu was able to join me on this trip so I just wanted to spend time with him – no worrying about being picture perfect or photographing everything we did or ate. 

And to be honest, I forgot my camera in the hotel room on the first night, and it all went downhill from there.

3. Speaking of our hotel, it was pretty amazing.  We stayed at the Intercontinental by the airport and were very impressed.  The room was cozy, the bed was comfy, and most importantly, the bathroom was immaculately clean.

4. Florida is full of bugs and lizards.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Actually, I do know.  Ick!  I tried to keep an open mind all weekend though.  I mean, I do have a mouse (or worse…mice) in my current apartment <— yes, I think it/they is/are still around.  Pest control came and set up glue traps all over my kitchen.  Nothing yet!

5. Last night’s dinner is worth mentioning.  We met up with some friends and went to a Greek restaurant called Acropolis.  The food was so fresh and delicious.  We started off with a dip sampler that included hummus, an eggplant dip (it reminded me of baba ganoush), tzatziki, and a creamy feta cheese dip (my absolute favorite).  For our actual meals, Vishnu ordered a Mahi Mahi dish, and I went with a roasted vegetable, goat cheese, pine nut salad.  I can’t wait to go here again.  If you’re ever in the Tampa area, check this place out!

6. I know I talked about the mixed emotions I’ve been feeling about the move, but after this weekend, I really am excited about it all.  Yay!

What was the best part of your weekend?!

Where I’m Headed Next

After weeks of waiting…and waiting…and waiting some more, I finally learned where I’m headed for my next rotation. Smile

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I’m moving to Tampa, FL!!! :Sun

Now please excuse me as I search for apartments all night long!