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Less Than 48 Hours in Atlanta

Vishnu and I made a quick trip to Atlanta this weekend.  And by quick I mean it was less than 48 hours.  But I’ll take what I can get!

We drove to Atlanta on Friday.  The 11 hour drive actually flew by as we were doing some prep work for Roshni and Samir’s wedding!  We got to Vishnu’s parent’s house at 8 pm.  After eating dinner, we sat and talked/watched TV for a bit before heading up to bed.

Our friend Anil’s wedding was Saturday morning, so we got up, got ready, and got going!  The wedding and reception were both so much fun.  The whole day felt like a college reunion of sorts.  Lots of eating, dancing, laughing!

On Sunday it was a little hard to rise and shine…my legs and feet were killing me!  Dancing in ~4 inch heels for hours makes for a rough next morning!  Regardless, we wanted to spend as much time with Vishnu’s parents and brother as we could so we sucked it up and got up pretty early.  Then before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport.

I’m not going to lie – this trip made me really homesick.  As much as I love living in Miami, there is nothing like home!  Thank goodness I’m going back in a short 2.5 weeks!

Now for some pics from the weekend…

Anil's Wedding Weekend 084
Anil's Wedding Weekend 092
Anil's Wedding Weekend 130
Anil's Wedding Weekend 102
photo (19)

photo (20)

Wedding Weekend on Amelia Island

Annnnnd we’re back from wedding event #3 of the year!  As expected, it was an absolute blast.  The weekend was one big college reunion!  While it was great catching up with people we haven’t seen in years, I (and I think Vishnu would agree) am entirely exhausted!  Totally worth it though!

My plan for this post was to share some pictures from the weekend, but let’s just say someone changed a setting on the camera that caused 95% of the pictures to come out a little blurry.  And let’s just say that someone is me. Oops!  Lesson learned.

Anyways, here are a few decent shots we were able to get.

Naveen & Shaylee Wedding Weekend 010

Naveen & Shaylee Wedding Weekend 003

Naveen & Shaylee Wedding Weekend 042

Naveen & Shaylee Wedding Weekend 055

Naveen & Shaylee Wedding Weekend 058

Naveen & Shaylee Wedding Weekend 069

How fun is this setting?!

Naveen & Shaylee Wedding Weekend 072
photo 2 (14)
photo 3 (5)

Most of these pictures are from the first event of the weekend (the garba).  Not sure why we didn’t take more pictures at the wedding itself.  I think both Vishnu and I are still getting used to our SLR.  I, for one, was afraid I was going to drop it or lose it.  And to be honest, we didn’t even bring our camera to the reception (the last two pics were clearly taken with an iPhone).  When Vishnu asked me if we should or not, I said no because I knew we would both want to dance.  It’s a little hard to boogey with that thing hanging around your neck!

I promise we’ll take better pictures at the next wedding we go to…which is only a little over a month away!

And finally, congratulations Naveen and Shaylee!  Everything about this weekend was beautiful, and we feel so blessed to have been a part of it!

Time to Play Catch-up

After yet another week away, I’m home!  And now it’s time to play catch-up.

1. The wedding we attended in North Carolina was an absolute blast.  From the minute we got to the hotel on Saturday to the minute we left on Monday, it was one big non-stop party.  I wish all of our close friends lived next door.  How great would that be!

Chicago 006Chicago 013

Chicago 028Chicago 022

2. My work trip to Chicago was a lot of fun.  I don’t get to see many of my coworkers all that often, so it was nice to reconnect.  More often than not, we were reconnecting over food…and lots of it.  I didn’t take many pictures of my meals, but trust me when I say that we pretty much ate all the food.  Every meal included glasses of wine, a variety of appetizers, our main meal, and dessert.  The best thing I ate was definitely the turtle brownie sundae at Bridge House Tavern.  Yum. 

Chicago 050

Chicago 055

3. I am happy to report that this past weekend was full of nothingness.  On Saturday, we slept in, watched four episodes of Boy Meets World, watched the Dawgs win (!!!), and lounged until dinnertime.  Around 8:00 pm, we met up with our friends Andy and Robin for dinner and fro-yo.  Our outing also included celebrity sightings.  Vishnu and Andy spotted Greg Oden and Shane Battier (Miami Heat players) walking to dinner with a group of friends.  Even though I had no idea who these two were, it was fun to see the guys so excited!

Since no one had any major post-dinner plans, we decided to make it a Taboo game night.  We ended up playing for 2.5 hours!  Unfortunately, Robin and I lost by one point.  I blame the wine.

Chicago 057

Sunday included a lot of the usual – cleaning, grocery shopping, and football watching.

4. Best Body Bootcamp started today…thank goodness.  I am ready to buckle down and get my workouts and eating habits back on track.  Wish me luck!

5. I highly recommend that everyone watch this TED talk about The power of vulnerability by Brene Brown.  I also recommend that everyone read this article about the human body’s physiological response to exercise.  And finally, I recommend that everyone read this article about living a life of purpose

I think all of the above brings us to the present day.  With that being said, have a great Monday!