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It’s Getting Real!

23 days until my mehndhi party and first wedding event!  It’s getting real over here!



My family is in full wedding mode as we prepare little by little each and every day.  For example, last week, Vishnu and I met with the decorator to finalize all of our ideas and selections.  I also met with the event coordinator at the hotel to finalize some details.  My parents and I cleaned and organized the entire house this weekend.  One of the bedrooms is now a storage room for all things related to the wedding (decorations for the house, gifts for our guests, paper products, etc.)

And it’s more of the same this week…

Today, Vishnu and I are doing our final food tasting with the caterer.  We are also going to meet with the DJ to talk through…what else…some details about the music at each event.  Later this week, we are also meeting with our videographer for a special project.  But mum’s the word on that since it’s a surprise for our guests.

Besides meeting with our vendors, I’ve also been working on a detailed wedding weekend agenda that includes the who, what, when, where and how for every event/ceremony/detail.  This is mainly for my bridesmaids plus a few immediate family members and friends.  I’ve been told that when my first event begins, I have to relinquish control.  If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’m not very good at that.  However, I’ve promised myself that after a certain point, my job will be to relax and have fun no matter what.  So that’s why I’m creating a very detailed agenda! Smile

My mom and I also planned out a 10 day menu for the days leading up to the wedding.  Because a number of family members are flying in early to help us out (my grandparents fly in this Friday!!!), we want to prepare and plan as much as we can now.  In a few short weeks, this semi-quiet house of ours is going to be filled with people and pretty chaotic!

This (all of the above plus some) is pretty much my life right now.  With each passing day, I get more and more excited!  It’s hard to believe that in a few days it’ll be a year since Vishnu popped the big question.  Time flies!

I hope to write a few more of these posts in the coming weeks, detailing more of what’s going on.  As y’all know, Indian weddings usually span the course of a few days, and honestly, a lot of the details are ironed out a month before the big day (basically, what we’re doing right now). I want to be sure to document as much of these next 23 days as possible, so that a year from now, I can read about and relive all of this excitement!

Oh and I have a surprise post coming up later this week…be on the lookout! Winking smile