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Living a Truly Active Lifestyle

Prior to coming home a few weeks ago, my definition of an active lifestyle was a bit different then it is now.  I used to think that working out for 45-60 minutes a day, most days of the week, made my lifestyle an active one.  Well, a few things have dawned on me over the past few weeks, but first a little background.

For the past two years, I lived alone.  That meant that when I came home, I would cook dinner, eat, and sit and watch TV for a bit before going to sleep.   My morning workouts were pretty much the only “active” part of my day.  I honestly didn’t think much of it, so this way of life continued until I quit my job and came home for a bit before the wedding.


This was pretty much me after 6 pm

Obviously, my new routine at home is drastically different from what it was when I was working. Instead of sitting at a computer for eight hours, I’m out and about doing things, continuously moving.  Now, I know that most of us (including me after July 9th) don’t have the option to stay at home and be active, but by being able to live differently over the past few weeks, I personally believe that I need to be more active outside of my regular workouts, even at work.  And trust me, I know what’s like to have no energy and feel absolutely drained after working for eight to ten hours, but it’s important!  If you don’t believe me, read this article from Men’s Health.

I want to live a truly active lifestyle.  And so far, I’ve brainstormed the following random ways to do so…

– Wake up and stretch for a few minutes, maybe even walk in place
– Park far away from the entrance of any building (work, grocery store, mall, etc.)
– Take the stairs whenever possible
– Do planks while watching TV
– Play music while cooking dinner and dance (I’m going to make Vishnu do this with me!)
– Walk around when talking on the phone instead of sitting
– Find the restroom farthest from my office and use it instead of a closer one
– Get up from my desk every 30 minutes to stretch and walk in place

A big fear of mine was that I would gain weight when I came home.  My workouts are less hardcore than they were before, and I eat my mom’s food most days of the week.  So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale for the first time in over a month to discover that I actually lost a couple of pounds.  I really do think that I haven’t gained any weight simply because I’m moving a lot more – I randomly dance around the house, I help my parents in the backyard, I clean the kitchen every night after dinner (wipe down the counters, sweep the floors, and wash the dishes), etc.  Whereas before, I would make a beeline for the couch after work and pretty much stay there most of the night.

Every little bit of movement counts, and in the long run, it probably counts more than the 45-60 minutes a day that I dedicate specifically to my workouts. 

Do you live an active lifestyle?  What are some ways you sneak movement into your day?