An Undocumented Trip

So I had this master plan to share the details of my trip to Chicago with pictures, restaurant reviews (I’ve been eating some gooooood food!), etc.

But it’s not going to happen.

No worries.  Everything is fine.  Better than fine actually.  This trip has been great so far!

In fact, I’ve been enjoying myself so much that the idea of documenting the trip has taken a backseat.  I literally have one Chicago picture on my phone, and I took it as we were about to land on Tuesday morning.


The fact that I’m having so much fun and forgetting to take pictures for the blog and social media reminds me that sometimes the best pictures are the ones you mentally take for yourself.

However, if I did have pictures to share, they would showcase the beautiful city of Chicago and all the amazing food I’ve been eating.  It really has been a great trip so far!

Happy Thursday!

Why You Should Watch The Mindy Project and What May Happen If You Do

I’ve mentioned a couple of times now that The Mindy Project is my “new” show.  I’m a little late to the party (as usual) but glad my sister forced me to join.  And because I’m such a huge fan now, I decided to dedicate an entire post to the show.  Hopefully, if I’m persuasive enough, you all will join me and also become obsessed so that we can talk about it on the regular!

Why you should watch The Mindy Project

  1. It’s funny.  Starting with Season 1 Episode 1 I found myself cracking up and shaking my head multiple times.  And not only at the outright “this was meant to be funny” moments but at the subtle one liners as well.  Once you get to the know the characters, even their body language will make you laugh.  The writers of this show are exceptional at what they do.  They’ve created characters (and situations) that are funny, very nutty, and brutally honest all in one.
  2. The storyline.  Without giving too much away, the show follows Dr. Mindy Lahiri (played by Mindy Kaling) as she sets off to find the love of her life.  On this journey, we find out that Dr. Lahiri loves rom-coms and believes her life will play out like one.  But of course we all know that nothing ever happens the way it does in the movies, and Mindy’s disastrous love life depicts that as well.  But this is what makes me want to watch the show.  You fall in to the “I have to know what happens” trap.  Trust me.  The questions “Does Mindy find the one?” and “Is it going to be who I want it to be?” will haunt you for the first two seasons!
  3. The characters.  I want to be friends with each and every one of them.  The only other time I’ve felt this way was with the cast of Friends.  The thing I love most is that they’re all flawed and crazy, which makes them even more appealing.  They’ll remind you of people from your own life.  And like with real life friends, you have to give some of them a chance (or a few episodes!) before fully investing in the relationship.  But it will happen…trust me!  And if nothing else, Chris Messina (Dr. Danny Castellano) will keep you coming back for more – such a cutie!

Mindy Project gif

Mindy Project gif2

Mindy Project gif3
One of my favorite scenes from my favorite episode!

What may happen if you start to watch The Mindy Project:

  1. If your significant other is not watching with you, he/she will not understand why you can’t just stop at one episode.  He/she may also vie for your attention as you sit and watch  episode after episode.  He/she may also roll his/her eyes a lot.  And then when you try to have a conversation about the show with him/her, you will be told to not give anything away because he/she may want to watch “one day.”  [And I’m totally not speaking from experience here!]
  2. You may end up watching all of Season 2 in less time than it took you to get through Season 1.  I’m not going to admit publicly how much time that is…let’s just say it’s more than 24 hours and less than 48.  I know what you’re thinking.  Don’t judge me!
  3. You may watch a few episodes more than once even though you literally just saw them.  The Season 2 finale was epic!  And again, no judging.  This is what happens when your husband is studying all weekend and everyone else and their moms is out of town.
  4. You may end up being “that person” who can’t and won’t shut up about her new favorite show.  I’ve already texted three of my friends about it.  And just so you know, they are all fans as well!
  5. You may also turn into “that person” who has an official countdown to when their show is back with a new season.  Just so you know, I am not there yet.  But there’s no telling!
  6. You may reread Mindy Kaling’s book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?).  I haven’t done this yet but do foresee it happening in the near future.

Soooo…did I convince you!?

What’s your favorite TV show right now?  If it’s The Mindy Project, I will be sending a virtual hug and high five your way!

Friday Favorites

Happy Fourth of July! I hope your weekend is full of good people and good food (my favorite things!).

Fireworks - 4th of July 
The following [Friday] things are making me extra happy and excited for the next couple of months!

With it being the 4th of July, I (along with a lot of other people) have the day off! We don’t have anything too exciting planned for today or the weekend, but it was just nice to sleep in a little.

Soooo…The Mindy Project. Last time I checked in, I was a few episode in to the first season. As of today, I am done with Season 1. I know, I know! This is me though. When I get really into something (aka obsessed), I am all in. Call me crazy…I own it!

Side braids have been by saving grade in the gross humid weather we’ve been experiencing. My coworker, Thea, and my sister have inspired me to embrace the braid! And the best part is that with the help of a little anti-frizz cream and bobby pins, it’s a totally professional look!

side braid 
This past Monday was our second wedding anniversary and TODAY is our nine year dating anniversary! While we aren’t celebrating until after Vishnu’s boards, I’ll probably spend a good portion of the day reminiscing.

p&v 2005 
July 4, 2005!!!

Normal (not Focus T25) strength training is back in my life, and I’m loving it!!! I did a Best Body Bootcamp full body “pull” workout on Wednesday and a full body “push” workout today. Ummm…I’m sore and so happy! And this time around, I’m using heavier dumbbells and focusing on my form more than anything.

I am heading to Chicago next week for a work related training and am very much looking forward to seeing my coworkers! It’s been too long.

From Chicago, I’ll actually be headed back to Atlanta for nine days. I’m going to spend a few days at home with my parents…and then I’ll be fully immersed in Roshni and Samir’s wedding celebrations!!! My best friends are getting married!!!!! AHHHHH!

Team RSVP 
Then in August I’m* going to have a few visitors. My friend Purvi is coming down for a girls’ weekend, and I can’t wait to show her my hood! A week or so later my parents are coming down to visit me for about 10 days. Woot woot!

*I say “I” because Vishnu will be doing an away rotation in August. So glad to be having visitors while he’s gone.

Have a great weekend!