BacK in the A!

Just like that I’m back in Atlanta!  As I mentioned before, I am here for Roshni and Samir’s wedding that is taking place later this week/weekend.  I decided to fly home instead of going back to Miami so that I could spend some time with my parents before the festivities begin.

After my parents picked me up at the airport on Friday, we headed straight to Lotta Frutta for lunch.  This place is my absolute favorite “welcome back to Atlanta” restaurant.  The people are so friendly and the food is always good.  Of course, I ordered the Just Veggin’ sandwich along with a Lotta Mora smoothie.  Always a good time!

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (6)

On Saturday, my parents and I headed into the city for lunch at Chai Pani for my MIL’s birthday.  This was everyone’s first time eating here, and we all loved it!  Phew!  Because I suggested it, I was nervous about the food not being good.  My grilled paneer salad was very good.  The paneer was simply cooked and delicious, but the dressing stole the show.  Delicious!  My mom’s paneer wrap was also finger licking good.  That is definitely what I’ll be getting next time!

photo 3 (3)
After lunch, we went to an Indian jewelry to buy me a new…nose ring!  I know I said I was done with all that, but when my mom said my nose looked strange without it, that was enough to make me change my mind!  My new one is slightly bigger.  I don’t want to risk having it get stuck again!

And the final highlight from the weekend was getting my nails done for the wedding!  I went with a hot pinkish color on my toes and a gel French manicure on my hands.  The lady that did my nails was the same one that did them two years ago for my wedding!

photo 4 (1)
Speaking of the wedding, the first official event doesn’t start until Thursday evening, but I’m heading to Roshni’s house on Tuesday night to spend some time with her before the craziness begins!  I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has come in contact with me over the past few months knows how excited I am.  I honestly can’t shut up about it!

Well, that’s all for now!  Have a great Monday!

Monkey Business

My last blog post was a little misleading.  While I did eat lots of good food and have fun, the reason for my trip to Chicago was actually a work related training.

I love personal development type training sessions!  This one was no different.  I got to meet lots of new people, learn more about the business and what others do, and gain new insights about myself.  LOVE!

The most insightful part of the training was when we discussed the equation
Event + Reaction = Outcome.  We talked a lot about how the different lenses we use to view the world effect our reaction to all of the events we experience on a daily basis.  And our reaction (+/-) shapes the ultimate outcome (+/-).  My big takeaway was that I need to chose my lenses very carefully!

The following exercise was especially powerful.  I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with y’all.

Ok, so watch this video and do exactly as they say.  And DON’T scroll down until after you have done so!

A little space in case you accidently scroll down!




The first time we watched this video, I didn’t see the gorilla at all.  Nor did I see the girl on the black team leave.  Nor did I notice the background color change.

I was SHOCKED!  How did I not notice any of those things!?

Well, it was because I was SO focused on counting how many times the white team passed the basketball.  At least I got that right!

This exercise made me realize I need to open my mind up a little more.  Sometimes I get so focused on a particular task I overlook everything else.  While focus is great, I don’t want to miss the important “gorillas” that show up in my life.

Basically, I need to use my “big picture” lens more often!

Pretty neat, huh?

Ok, so tell me.  Did you get the number of ball passes right?  Did you see the gorilla?  Did you notice the girl on the black team leave?  Did you notice the background color change?

An Undocumented Trip

So I had this master plan to share the details of my trip to Chicago with pictures, restaurant reviews (I’ve been eating some gooooood food!), etc.

But it’s not going to happen.

No worries.  Everything is fine.  Better than fine actually.  This trip has been great so far!

In fact, I’ve been enjoying myself so much that the idea of documenting the trip has taken a backseat.  I literally have one Chicago picture on my phone, and I took it as we were about to land on Tuesday morning.


The fact that I’m having so much fun and forgetting to take pictures for the blog and social media reminds me that sometimes the best pictures are the ones you mentally take for yourself.

However, if I did have pictures to share, they would showcase the beautiful city of Chicago and all the amazing food I’ve been eating.  It really has been a great trip so far!

Happy Thursday!