The One with the Missing Toenail

Just a fair warning.  This post may be a little TMI.  Proceed at your own risk!

Missing toenail 
Our Saturday afternoon took an unexpected turn as we went from watching TV at home to driving to the closest urgent care clinic.

Let me start from the beginning.

It all started when we got home from Detroit last month.  I was getting my heavy bag out of the back of the Uber.  I guess I pulled it out too quickly because the next thing I knew it hit my big toe on my left foot causing me to scream in pain.  Vishnu ran over, calmed me down and we eventually made our way upstairs. 

Even after icing it, the pain was still there, so Vishnu wrapped it up for me.  I went to bed and woke up with an achy toe, but it was nothing compared to the excruciating pain from the night before. 

Over the next few days and weeks the pain went away.  However, I noticed that my toe was badly bruised (my nail was black and blue).  I didn’t think much of it since the pain was gone.  Life went on.

That brings me to this past Friday evening.  As we were getting ready to go to dinner, I noticed that my toe was throbbing a little and there was discharge coming out of my toenail.  When I showed Vishnu, he told me to make the next available appointment with a podiatrist.  I cleaned up my toe, put a Band-Aid on it, and made a note to find the closest podiatrist.

The pain continued in the background for the rest of the night, but when I woke up the next morning it was gone.  I did a little happy dance and continued on with my day.  Vishnu and I went on a pain-free run, I ran errands, etc. 

After getting home and eating a little snack, I settled in on the couch with Vishnu to watch TV.  A bit later, I got up to get some water and lightly hit my toe on the coffee table.  When I looked down, my toenail was completely detached from my toe on one side. 

I looked at Vishnu with tears in my eyes and panic in my voice and told him what happened.  I was a bit traumatized at this point and am so glad he was there to take care of the rest.  He asked if I wanted him to try and remove the rest of the nail.  I asked if it would hurt, and he said yes.  I suggested we go to the hospital.  Vishnu didn’t think that was the best idea because of the long potential wait time, and so he started to look up urgent care clinics in our area.  After calling and confirming that the one he found would be able to see us, we drove over.  

The doctor on duty was super nice and really patient.  He and Vishnu brought a lot of humor to the situation which helped a ton.  Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to save my nail.  He gave me a shot to numb the area and pulled the toenail right out.  I didn’t feel any pain (thank goodness!) but was absolutely disgusted by the look of my toe.  The doctor (and Vishnu and my FIL and my sister) reassured me that it would grow back in 12-18 months and said that it wasn’t as bad as it looked.  At least it wasn’t broken.  That definitely helped me bring some perspective to the situation.  And let’s be honest.  This wasn’t a life or death situation.  Everything was and would be just fine.

And now here I am.  I will likely have to wear a bandage on my toe until the nail grows back.  But all things considered, I’m doing great!  There’s no pain, and I even went for a run this morning and felt fine.  It still looks really gross, but I guess I’m just going to have to get over that.

And believe it or not, but we found a silver lining in this whole ordeal.  While Vishnu is upset that this happened, his eyes lit up when I told him that I would be doing my own pedicures for the next year saving us $30 a month.  Haha! 

Thanks for reading and happy Monday!

What’s the most physically traumatic thing that’s happened to you? 

How to Take the Dread Out of the Treadmill

I go months without talking about my workouts, and then blog about fitness two Fridays in a row.  Who am I?

Anyway, today I want to talk about how I’m taking the dread out of the treadmill.  But first a back story.

When I first started working out, the treadmill was my cardio machine of choice.  Looking back, I think I really enjoyed knowing how fast I was running/walking and how far I was going.  The exactness of it drew me in. 

I only realized how fun and liberating outdoor running was when I started training for my first half marathon.  After a while, I actually looked forward to my long runs on the trail.

Then I moved several times, and once again became a slave to the good old treadmill, only to rediscover my love for running outside when we made the move to Miami.  I can honestly count on one hand how many times I ran on the treadmill during our time there.

But as you all know, St. Pete is a bit different than Miami.  I’m still familiarizing myself with area, and believe it or not, the heat and humidity are much more evident up here. 

Because I don’t want to stop running altogether until I (and the weather) figure things out, I’m resorting to the treadmill a couple of times a week.  And one big lesson I’ve learned so far is that while I can run long distances outdoors, I just can’t do it while on the treadmill.  Yes, I realize this more than likely a mental thing, but I just find it so boring and blah. 

So to take the dread out the treadmill and to keep my boredom at bay, I came up with a little run/walk workout.  I’ve completed it a few times now, and I must say it does a decent job of keeping things just interesting enough! 

So here’s how it works – complete minutes 0-10 and then repeat three to four times for a great cardio workout.  And I know this has you changing the speed a lot, but the pattern is easy to grasp after the first go around (I just think 3-1-1 and 2-2-1).  The best part is that it’s 100%customizable – adjust the speeds to your liking and add an incline to make it even more challenging.  The possibilities are endless!

Just for the record, I still call the treadmill the dreadmill.  I just tolerate it a lot better now!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

Three Things Thursday (15)

I really don’t have anything interesting to say for today’s intro, so let’s just get to this week’s three things!

3 Things Thursday (1) Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive
According to a number of articles, this book is supposedly the next Gone Girl.  Umm…I would disagree with that.  I had very high hopes for this book, but I don’t think it delivered.  My main issue with the plot line is that it touches on one too many heavy issues without digging deep into any of them.  Overall, I just felt that the book was a little superficial and left something to be desired.

(2) Jurassic World

I still remember going to the movie theater as a nine-year-old to watch Jurassic Park for the first time.  I was mesmerized and terrified and excited and in pure awe!  And this Friday, I will once again get to experience all of these things when we go see Jurassic World.  I. Can’t. Wait!

Vishnu keeps telling me he’s heard mixed things about this movie, and I keep telling him it’s going to be awesome.  Fingers crossed that I’m right!

(3) Remington 1.5” Curling Wand

Remington Curling Wand This curling wand is everything!  I never thought I would be able to curl my hair myself and actually achieve nice big waves/curls.  This wand makes it possible.  It’s super easy to use, heats up quickly, and comes with a glove (to prevent burning your finger tips!).  And the best part is that the curls actually last.  Just trust me when I say that if someone like me can use this and get great results, anyone can!

[And here are a couple of videos I watched before practicing on myself – Big Beautiful Hair and Curling Your Hair with a Wand.]

Well, that’s all I have today!  Your turn to share – what are three things you’ve been thinking about/doing this week! If you’re a blogger, write a post and link back to one or all of the hostesses: Raj from Pink Chai Living, Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch, or Salma from The Write Balance. Then share a link to your post (not your blog’s home page).

And as always, thanks for reading!

Pink by Ruchi Wish List

We all know that I’m not the most fashion forward person.  In fact, I could live in my t-shirts and sweat pants all day every day (and I usually do).  And that is exactly why I have Ruchi, an expert, sharing her Pink by Ruchi wish list with you today.  Enjoy!

I constantly have ideas roaming around in my head, and as soon as I’m able to, I try to implement those designs.  Of course, not all of them turn out according to plan, but I do still have my favorites.  So, I thought for this post, I’d share with you all a Pink by Ruchi Wist List.  If I were going to order or buy something from me :), these are the pieces that are at the top of my list!

Pink by Ruchi Wish List

1 – Okay, so some of you may know this, but when I first launched my line, I was selling as Pink Sugar.  As my designs matured and changed, I realized I wanted my name somewhere in the label.  That’s when I decided to officially launch as Pink by Ruchi.  SO, this piece was made during the ‘Pink Sugar’ time, and ‘PSP Peplum’ has a great ring to it.  This is by far one of my most favorite designs – it’s cute and spunky all at the same time.

2 – I love this cotton with the sparkly gold lines – again, cutesy with a pop!  This material is so comfortable, and this dress is perfect for a summer day – you can run errands in it, grab lunch with a friend, and even manage to wear it to a casual dinner!

3 – Elegant and delicate.  And surprisingly, you can dress this top down, too.  Having the lining already stitched in is a major plus, and the sweetheart neckline leaves just enough to the imagination!

4 – The best casual tunic.  I adore tops that give me room to move around (the elastic waist allows for that).  Goes great with leggings or skinnies or even Bermudas, and just plain comfortable.

5 – Midi!  One of the reasons this is on my list is because of the length – which is so in right now!  And I super like it because of the ‘wrap look’ – store/ready-made wrap dresses never really looked right on me (I think because of my funny proportions), and now that I can get them made according to my measurements, it’s the icing on the cake!

6 – Well, my dreams did come true after moving to India, so I figured the last one should be ‘dun, dun, dun’…Indian :).  Traditional pieces are so beautiful – they’re colorful, the handwork is amazing, the fabrics are gorgeous – all of it.  I love playing around with fun prints and shades, but at the end of the day, I’m a classics-kinda girl – so, this one is perfect – the black and white embroidery with the lime green dupatta – muah! (Imagine me kissing my fingers like I’m in an Italian restaurant).

Alrighty, there you have it!  Happy list making and shopping!

If you’d like to see magnified images, please visit the site!  And if you want to read my personal blog, please check it out here.

Thanks for another great post, Ruchi!  I personally love #2 and #6.  So pretty!

What’s on your fashion wish list?

Give It A Little Time

We’ve officially been in St. Petersburg for over a week.  And in one week, I’ve gone from thinking that this place will never grow on me to actually enjoying myself while exploring our neighborhood. 

I had a mini meltdown early last week while talking to my mom.  I’ve never been the best with dealing with major change, so couple that with pure exhaustion, and you’re left with a very emotional Parita.  My mom, doing what she does best, gave me the best advice she could – give it a little time. 

It’s no big surprise, but she was right.  I needed to give everything a little time to settle down, as well as give ourselves some time to adjust. 

And after a full weekend in our new city, I’m already feeling more at home. 

On Friday, we had plans to go for a walk after I got done with work, but as soon as the clock hit 5:30, the rain started to come down.  And it didn’t stop for most of the night.  So we ended up watching a Bollywood movie at home. 

Vishnu’s not the biggest fan of Bollywood movies, but we both enjoyed this one and highly recommend it!

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and decided to go for a run.  I’m not quite sure how many miles we covered, but we managed to get almost 8,000 steps each.  Always a good thing!

Next up on our list of things to do on Saturday – go to the beach!  Even though it was super crowded, we really enjoyed ourselves.  Unlike the east coast of Florida, the beaches on the west coast are seaweed free.  This in and of itself makes the experience so much fun.  Can’t wait to go back! 

St Pete Beach 
After coming home and showering, we decided to keep the good times rolling by visiting Costco.  You guys!  This was probably the best Costco experience I’ve had in…well, forever.  You weren’t forced to play bumper carts in every single aisle, people were really friendly and nice, the checkout process took no more than five minutes, etc.  As we walked out, I looked at Vishnu and said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that was actually fun.”  Haha.

We ended our day with dinner (my first Pho experience!), ice cream, and another movie at home. 

Sunday was a little more low-key – gym, Trader Joe’s and the outlet mall.  I snagged a cute jean jacket at Loft, and Vishnu got quite a few things including work pants, shorts, and workout clothes. 

The rest of my day was spent napping and watching the last half of the NBA finals.

A great weekend overall!  My mom’s advice was on point – give it a little time and everything will be alright.  In a weeks time, I’m already feeling better and ready to make the most of our year here!

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!

How was your weekend?  What was the last movie you watched?