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Focus T25 – Week 5 (Beta) + My Overall Thoughts

I am DONE with Focus T25! I know I say this about everything, but the 10 weeks just flew by! I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for (more or less) staying on schedule and incorporating some running into the mix.

Before I share my overall thoughts, here’s what week 5 of the Beta phase looked like for me:

Monday – Rip’t Circuit
Tuesday – 3.25 mile run (in the morning) + 2 mile power walk (in the evening)
Wednesday – Rip’t Circuit
Thursday – Speed 2.0
Friday – REST!
Saturday – 3.0 mile run with my sister
Sunday – REST!
Monday – Rip’t Circuit

*For a more detailed explanation of what each workout entails, please read my week one beta post.

This week was a little all over the place. My sleep schedule was completely off, we took a day trip on Friday, and the heaviest dumbbells at my parents’ house are 3 pounds. So I adapted. The run with my sister was killer – GA heat and humidity will do that to you! And because I want to say that I finished the program in its entirety, I completed my final T25 workout this Monday.

I’ve thought a lot about the program over the past week – what I liked, what I didn’t like, if I would recommend it to others. I even talked to Bijal (my cousin), Erin (my coworker), and Robin (my friend) about their experiences since they also did some of the program with me. And it’s funny because for the most part our thoughts align.

What I liked about Focus T25:

  • I could do all the workouts from the comfort of my own home. And if you travel, this is an easy program to take with you. I was able to do the Alpha workouts in my tiny NYC hotel room.
  • You don’t need a ton of equipment – just a mat and some dumbbells (for the Beta phase).
  • You sweat A LOT! I loved knowing that in just 25 minutes I was getting a good solid workout.
  • Shaun T is a great instructor – very motivating and fun.
  • The modifier option is awesome. I loved how every workout came with a modifier and that it was the same person. Very helpful, especially in the beginning.
  • It’s just 25 minutes…and they honestly fly by!
  • I was able to incorporate some running into the weekly plan.

What I didn’t like about Focus T25:

  • It’s A LOT of cardio. I love cardio as much as the next person, but I know for a fact that my body responds better to strength training, so that was little frustrating in the beginning.
  • Not all the workouts are challenging. Don’t get me wrong – by no means was this an easy program. I just felt that some of the individual workouts were a little on the less strenuous side. If I’m only going to work out for 25 minutes, I want to work as hard as I can.
  • Risk of injury is high if you aren’t super careful. Because I have a knee that acts up every now and then, I took it easy when needed. I know that Robin and Erin both experienced some leg pain when doing some of the moves, so it’s a very real possibility.
  • This is probably more my issue than anything else, but I didn’t get the results people talked about on the Focus T25 forums. Of course, I didn’t follow the nutrition plan nor did I drink the Shakeology drinks. I ate the way I usually do (which is healthy for the most part) and started watching my portion sizes around week 3. I most definitely feel a lot stronger, especially in my quads and even my core, but the inches didn’t melt off the way they supposedly did for some people. Erin and Robin also felt the same way. Vishnu thinks it’s because we didn’t have a ton to lose in the first place. Regardless, not the most devastating thing but I definitely pictured my final results to be a tad bit different. Haha.

Would I recommend Focus T25 to others?

So here’s what I think. If you are someone who needs a structured plan to get you back on track in terms of exercise, this is a great program to help you do so. If you have substantial weight/inches to lose and are willing to put in a lot of hard work both in terms of exercise and eating, this may be for you.

If you are prone to injury and have had issues in the past, Focus T25 may not be for you. If you are already in decent shape and are looking for something to take your results to the next level, this may not be for you. If you don’t enjoy tons and tons of cardio, this is definitely not for you!

Would I do the whole 10 weeks again? Probably not. Did I enjoy it? For the most part, yes and am glad I tried it.

My final results:

I honestly didn’t weigh myself on a weekly basis but can say with 99.9% confidence that my weight remained the same. I still fluctuate in the same range I did pre-T25.

And I think I lost a total of 4 inches. I say think because my way of measuring is not an exact science. I tried to be as consistent as possible but I could be a little off here and there. Not too shabby I suppose.

If you have any questions regarding Focus T25 and/or my experience, please feel free to email me at any time!

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Focus T25 – Week 4 (Beta)

I honestly can’t believe I am at the home stretch with this fitness challenge I set out to do almost 10 weeks ago. Time flies when you’re sweating buckets! Haha.

Here’s what week 4 of the Beta phase looked like for me:

Monday – Rip’t Circuit
Tuesday – Dynamic Core + 2 mile run
Wednesday – Core Cardio
Thursday – 3.25 mile run
Friday – Speed 2.0 + Upper Focus
Saturday – REST!
Sunday – 3.25 mile power walk

*For a more detailed explanation of what each workout entails, please read my week one beta post.

The power of TODAY

If you haven’t watched Andie’s Tedx Talk, please do so NOW! It’s very real, very raw, very funny, and very relatable, whether you’ve struggled with weight or not. She talks about her struggle with food, obstacles she faced, her journey to losing half her body weight, and her thoughts about the present moment.

Andie’s talk came down to one important thing for me. The thing she touched on at the very end. The power of today. Right here, right now.

She suggests that when we find ourselves not focused on what is happening at this very second, we stop and ask ourselves, “Can I do it (whatever it is for you) today?”

This applies to anything and everything. Food, exercise, work, marriage, friendship, etc.

I found myself asking this very question this morning when my alarm went off. I honestly didn’t want to exercise, but I didn’t have a good reason not to. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t sore, etc. So I sat up and thought to myself, “Can you get out of bed and successfully finish your 25 minute workout?” I then found myself thinking about the power walk from the night before and the longer run I had planned for the next day, so again, I had to stop and ask myself, “Can you work out TODAY? Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow. Focus on today.” The answer was (an annoying) yes.  I got out of bed, changed, and finished my workout. At the end of a very sweaty 25 minutes, I was so glad I focused on today…on that very moment.

And if you don’t believe I had that conversation with myself, ask anyone who knows me in real life and they’ll tell you I did. Even though they weren’t there with me, they know that it totally happened.

The point is that the only moment we have any sort of control over is the one that is happening right now. So instead of thinking about decisions that have already been made or ones that may or may not need to be made tomorrow, think about what you can do today and base your decisions on that.

I know, I know. It sounds so simple yet is difficult to practice. But just try…the next time you find yourself reaching for cookie #3/thinking about skipping a workout for no good reason/running out of patience with your significant other…just ask yourself if you can stop at cookie #2 TODAY/if you can get moving for just 20 minutes TODAY/if you can take a deep breath and calmly say whatever it is that you need to say TODAY. Chances are the answer will be (an annoying) yes. And like me, I’m sure you’ll be happy that you focused on today.

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Focus T25 – Week 3 (Beta)

I read somewhere recently that it takes eight weeks of consistent effort in the food and fitness departments to see results. Well, I just finished week 3 of Beta and week 8 of the overall program, and I would have to agree. While my body looks the same to me, I feel a whole lot stronger. I am no longer taking breaks during workouts, and I am also not totally winded afterwards. And for the first time ever, I feel like I actually have core muscles (although it may take some time for them to be more visible!).

Overall, I am happy with what Focus T25 has helped me accomplish in a relatively short period of time. Only two more weeks to go!

Here’s what week 3 of Beta looked like for me:

Monday – Core Cardio
Tuesday – Upper Focus + 2 mile interval run
Wednesday – REST!
Thursday – Rip’t Circuit
Friday – Dynamic Core + Speed 2.0
Saturday – 3.5 mile run
Sunday – 2 mile walk with Robin and Guinness

*For a more detailed explanation of what each workout entails, please read my week one Beta post.

Like I said earlier, results generally come with consistent effort. But let’s be real. Consistent effort is a pain in the ass sometimes. We all have days where we don’t want to eat healthy foods and we don’t want to exercise. And to be honest, when I have these days, I sometimes give in…I’m a big believer in moderation!

However, because my health is important to me, I try to stay on top of my food and fitness as much as possible.

Here are some of the little things I do to keep those “don’t want to” days to a minimum:

  • Meal plan and food prep (on the weekends). This has undoubtedly made the biggest difference in terms of how well we eat during the week.
  • Experiment in the kitchen. I am always on the lookout for new recipes to try. Even though most of what I make at home has some kind of healthy twist to it, the constantly changing menu keeps boredom at bay.
  • Buy a few new pieces of workout gear. I recently bought me some new sports bras, and as silly as it sounds, knowing that I get to wear something new and pretty makes me happy and gets me out of bed!
  • Set yourself up for success.I am a morning exerciser through and through. It’s not always easy but ensuring that everything is in one place ready for me to grab and go makes the whole process easier and saves me a time. The same idea applies for those who work out after work/in the evenings.
  • Think about the why. I’ve talked about my why in a number of different posts, and I think this is honestly the key to being consistent. If your why is powerful enough, it will trump any excuse you could possibly come up with (on most days!).

How do you stay on track and keep the “don’t want to” days to a minimum?

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