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Friendsgiving 2013 + A Blue Nile Winner


Nothing says Friendsgiving like a cornucopia!  Thanks to Vishnu we were able to enjoy a very festive background image while we ate!

As for dinner…

Robin, Andy, Vishnu, and I enjoyed a delicious and VERY filling meal!  Seriously you guys.  I haven’t felt this full in a long time!  After dinner I changed out of my jeans and put on my stretchy pants.  I was THAT full.

Robin and I split up the menu and tackled it separately during the day on Saturday.  Our kitchens are super tiny so this was the best approach.  Plus I know absolutely nothing about cooking a turkey!

Robin and Andy prepared the turkey, veggie stuffing, and the best sangria in the world.  I’m not kidding about the sangria – it was delicious (and potent!).  I’ll get the recipe from Robin and share it here soon.


Vishnu (my taste tester) and I made:

EVERYTHING was amazing, evident by the number of times each of us refilled our plates!

My plate – round 1


A chocolate lover’s dream!

After saying thanks, eating until we almost burst, and cleaning up, we settled in for a night of YouTube videos.  I’m not kidding.  For two hours we sat and watched our favorite videos, which ended up being the perfect plan because the last thing any of us wanted to do after our huge meal was be active.  Talk about a food coma!

Miscellaneous pictures from Friendsgiving 2013…





I wonder if Friendsgiving 2014 will be able to top this.  I mean, we set the bar pretty high!  Until next year…

* * * * *

Annnnnd the Blue Nile necklace winner is…


Congratulations, Chayal!  Please email me at so that I can send you your necklace ASAP!!

Thanks to everyone who entered!  If you’re interested in buying some pieces for yourself and/or as gifts this holiday season, be sure to enter the following coupon code for 10% off (good until Jan 1st) – BNHH10.

Happy Monday!

My Hosting Style

On Saturday night we had our friends Adam, Khusbu, and Andy (Robin was on call at the hospital) over for dinner.  Everything turned out great, but in planning for this get together I learned a few things about myself.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

First…the food.

Next…the conversation.

  • Real estate prices in Miami and our dreams of owning multiple pieces of property across the country
  • The idea of owning guns
  • Road rage in Miami
  • Our New Year’s Eve plans

Wow!  If those topics don’t scream adult (or old), I don’t know what does?  Haha.

Ok, so like I said, in planning for this particular dinner I learned a few things about my hosting style.  Now, you’re probably thinking that we host people, namely Robin and Andy, all the time.  I would argue that R & A don’t count because they’re more like family at this point.  This was Adam and Khusbu’s first time coming over to our new place, and I was not about to greet them in my sweats!

So, here’s what I learned about my hosting style

  • As much of a planner as I am, I am a procrastinator when it comes to the actual meal preparation.  I was cooking until the very last minute.  Literally.
  • Cleaning, on the other hand, is more my thing.  We were done dusting, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, vacuuming, etc. in about an hour.  The 11:00 am hour. 
  • I’m not very good at sharing kitchen space.  Ask Vishnu. 
  • I’m also very bossy.  Again, ask Vishnu.

Basically, I’m no fun to be around eight hours before people are due to come over (my poor husband!).  But after that, I’m the best hostess ever.  Ha!

What’s your hosting style?  Calm and collected or stressed and a mess? 

Celebrating All Weekend Long + Open-Faced S’mores

This weekend was full of birthday celebrations for Vishnu!

We went to dinner at Crazy About You on Thursday (his actual birthday). 

v's bday weekend 003 
On Friday, we celebrated by making birthday s’mores (“recipe” below).  This could become a tradition…for every celebratory event in our lives!

v's bday weekend 009 
On Saturday, we saw Gravity in 3D.  It was an amazing movie!  I hope to write more about my thoughts in another post because there were some beautiful philosophical undertones throughout. 

Later that day, we headed down to Andy and Robin’s apartment for a surprise birthday bash…for both me and Vishnu!  When I spoke to Robin earlier in the day, she told me that they couldn’t hang out because Andy had to study and she had some work to do.  It just so happened that the “work” she was doing included making party food and baking a birthday cake!  She didn’t tell me about it because she wanted to surprise me as well.  She’s awesome!

v's bday weekend 017

v's bday weekend 037

After a couple of hours of eating and drinking, a group of us headed out to a local bar.  The fun didn’t end there though!  We then came back and played Cards Against Humanity for a couple of more hours.  You guys, we didn’t go to sleep until 4:30 in the morning!  Needless to say, we slept in just a little bit on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, Vishnu spent the entire day watching football.  To make it even better, we invited Robin and Andy over to join us.  The four of us lounged, ate, talked, and watched football.  Perfection! 

And check out the fifth wheel, Andy and Robin’s dog Guinness. 

v's bday weekend 046

He is seriously the cutest and sweetest dog in the whole world.  I am kind of in love!  And that is saying a lot since Parita and animals don’t usually mix. 

* * * * *

Open-Faced S’mores

Graham crackers
Mini marshmallows
Dark chocolate chips (I love the Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate chips)

Turn on the oven to the lowest broiler setting.  Break graham cracker sheets in half and arrange on baking sheet.  Top each half with nine mini marshmallows and six chocolate chips.  Place baking sheet on middle rack and bake for four to five minutes until marshmallows begin to turn light brown.

Enjoy every single delicious, ooey gooey bite!

* * * * *

Happy Monday, friends!

Have you ever been thrown a surprise birthday party?
Are you planning to see Gravity?
Are you a s’mores lover like us?