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a healthy slice of life

can you stay for dinner?

chai mommas

chocolate-covered katie

fancy that fancy this

food, pleasure, and health

honey, what’s cooking?

how sweet it is

i heart vegetables

khushboo’s blog

never homemaker

peanut butter runner

simple medicine


sprint 2 the table

the fitnessista

the lunchbox diaries

9 Thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. i’d love to be on your blogroll!

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  3. whooohooo I made the cut! <3 *happy dance!* thanks girly girl!

    I'm terribly overdue to update mine! and my recipe page! and the WIAW page… hey now — what's a girl have to do to get you to jump on the what I ate wednesday bandwagon? <3 haha!

    love you like woah!!!!!

  4. Thank you lady! Reminding me that I need to update mine…

  5. Thanks for adding me :)

  6. aww hehe thanks for the love, LOVE! :) I think you like most of the ones that are my faves–like Caitlin Boyle’s. I love yours b/c there is this atmosphere of openness and culture of course! 😀 and you’re sucha sweet soul

  7. thanks for the love parita! mwah! xoxo.

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