Friendsgiving 2013 + A Blue Nile Winner


Nothing says Friendsgiving like a cornucopia!  Thanks to Vishnu we were able to enjoy a very festive background image while we ate!

As for dinner…

Robin, Andy, Vishnu, and I enjoyed a delicious and VERY filling meal!  Seriously you guys.  I haven’t felt this full in a long time!  After dinner I changed out of my jeans and put on my stretchy pants.  I was THAT full.

Robin and I split up the menu and tackled it separately during the day on Saturday.  Our kitchens are super tiny so this was the best approach.  Plus I know absolutely nothing about cooking a turkey!

Robin and Andy prepared the turkey, veggie stuffing, and the best sangria in the world.  I’m not kidding about the sangria – it was delicious (and potent!).  I’ll get the recipe from Robin and share it here soon.


Vishnu (my taste tester) and I made:

EVERYTHING was amazing, evident by the number of times each of us refilled our plates!

My plate – round 1


A chocolate lover’s dream!

After saying thanks, eating until we almost burst, and cleaning up, we settled in for a night of YouTube videos.  I’m not kidding.  For two hours we sat and watched our favorite videos, which ended up being the perfect plan because the last thing any of us wanted to do after our huge meal was be active.  Talk about a food coma!

Miscellaneous pictures from Friendsgiving 2013…





I wonder if Friendsgiving 2014 will be able to top this.  I mean, we set the bar pretty high!  Until next year…

* * * * *

Annnnnd the Blue Nile necklace winner is…


Congratulations, Chayal!  Please email me at so that I can send you your necklace ASAP!!

Thanks to everyone who entered!  If you’re interested in buying some pieces for yourself and/or as gifts this holiday season, be sure to enter the following coupon code for 10% off (good until Jan 1st) – BNHH10.

Happy Monday!

16 Thoughts on “Friendsgiving 2013 + A Blue Nile Winner

  1. Oh how fun!!! I love dinner with friends and your Friendsgiving sounds perfect! Mmm sangria is one of my favorite drinks! I’d love to see the recipe!

  2. After I saw the sangria on IG I was like “does Parita not know how much I love sangria?” I figured you must not have otherwise I would have gotten and invite…right? 😉

  3. i need that recipe for my party too please :)

  4. Caitlin on November 18, 2013 at 9:59 am said:

    Food looks so yummy! Also, what a beautiful background in your pictures? May I ask where you live? (I am new to your blog)

  5. Stretchy pants are a -must- on Thanksgiving. I always work my outfit around them after making the mistake of wearing jeans one year 😆 But it’s hard to say no to food that good — Thanksgiving dinner is probably my favourite meal of the entire year.

  6. Chocolate pumpkin Pizookie sounds fab! Those whipped sweet potatoes – yum! And quinoa salad gaawsh! After reading your menu I feel I need stretchy pants!
    So – I am just thinking my invite got lost in the mail right?!?!

  7. Such a fun Friendsgiving.. I’m sick of hosting, I want someone to invite me over for a change. :-) it’s a good thing my family always hosts.. can’t wait for next week. Those sweet potatoes look so good!

    • LOL! You crack me up! I’m actually trying to learn how to be a better hostess, so this was perfect for me! It’s a little hard in a tiny apt but kinda fun nonetheless!

  8. That looks like such a fun night- I was totally there too (on instagram lol)

    Thank you for teaching me what a cornucopia is. I always thought it was some term used in the Hunger Games or something.

    • HAHAHA! When Vishnu put that up, the first thing I said was that the entire image reminded me of elementary school. Every year around this time we would learn about the history behind Thanksgiving and then we would color cornucopias! LOL!

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