Mind Dump

1.  It’s Friday.  Enough said.

2.  Certain parts of this week’s Modern Family actually freaked me out a little.  A comedy scared me.  Only me!

3.  I’m going home for a week in November!  And yes, I said “I” and not “we.”  Vishnu will not be coming. Sad smile  His school scheduled comprehensive finals starting the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  SO DUMB!

4.  Everyone needs to follow Thought Catalog and Uber Facts on Twitter.  Just know this though – your overall productivity will be impacted.  Consider yourself warned.

5.  This is so me.

6.  Vishnu introduced me to Coursera the other night, and because I’m a nerd, I signed up for two classes – Fundamentals of Human Nutrition and Introduction to Philosophy.  By the way, these classes are FREE!  However, there is real coursework involved – readings, papers, etc.  I plan on doing the work, but it’s nice to know that there is no real punishment for missing an assignment.  Anyway, I’ll let y’all know how it goes as these particular classes aren’t slated to start until early 2013.  The only downside is that sometimes courses are cancelled based on the professor’s schedule.  Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

7.  Next Tuesday Vishnu and I are going here for dinner.  Woot woot!

8.  I am working from home today because the weather is ridiculous.  I don’t feel like dealing with wind, rain, and crazy drivers.  No thank you!  For anyone that lives on the eastern seaboard…be safe!  Hurricane Sandy looks like one tough cookie.

9.  My favorite someecard…

isaac 002

10.  Enjoy the weekend!

13 Thoughts on “Mind Dump

  1. Love scattered posts like this! Thanks for sharing about Coursera…I was just thinking today that I want to take a course but wasn’t sure if it was worth me paying for one…at least not now! So you really are a lifesaver! This restaurant looks yum! And because I’m unmotivated to actually work (blame it on the Friday feeling), I had a look at the menu…love the sound of the Earthday Tacos!

  2. Love all of this. I’m the same way with meditation. It’s so hard for me!

  3. i took a philosophy class in college because i thought it would be interesting… i regretted that decision. LOL! let me know when you come home!!!

    that someecard is brilliant!

  4. the quesadilla looks really good!!! Love the #9 somecard..hope you have a great weekend :)

  5. I am really excited to check out cousera! I’ve never heard of it.

  6. Modern Family kind of scared me, too. Who knew Little Bo Peep could be so frightening?!

  7. Hahaha I’m a thought catalog addict! My friend and I are always e-mailing them back and forth!

  8. Oh man, Sandy is headed our way. so far just a little drizzle, but let’s see what damage she does tomorrow. Hope you had a fun weekend and hopefully rainfree. Glad to hear you are going home… it’s always nice to go home after the wedding without the man so you can really bond with your mom and sis. :)

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