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A Successful Move

Hello from Fort Lauderdale!  I’m happy to report that my move down here went better than expected and was not really stressful at all.  In fact, my dad and I had a great time.  I can’t put into words how thankful I am that he was able to fly down and help me this weekend.  He’s pretty awesome!  Smile

Since I’m kind of neurotic and like to do things well in advance, there wasn’t much left to do except wait for the movers on Saturday, so my dad and I spent a lot of Friday just hanging out.  We had a late lunch at Chipotle, which was great not only because I love Chipotle but also because this was my dad’s first time eating there.  Can you believe it?  He’s now a huge fan!  A bit later we decided to make an impromptu trip to St. Pete beach.  My dad was amazed that I had never been before, especially because I only lived about 15 minutes minutes away.  I kind of felt like a dummy! 

Beach Day 006Beach Day 007

Beach Day 008

On Saturday morning, we picked up the U-Haul, and a short while later, the movers arrived to load my stuff.  In less than an hour, we were on our way to Fort Lauderdale.  The drive took a bit longer than usual because my dad gave me very specific instructions to go slow so that he could follow me.  I lost him a little after the half way point.  I kind of knew that plan was bound to fail.  Whoops!

Since the apartment officially became ours earlier in the week, moving in was pretty easy.  We unloaded my car and then waited for the movers to come unload the U-Haul.  Again, the whole unloading process took less than an hour.  At this point, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  The move was officially over!  I’m pretty sure I slept better that night than I have in a LONG time.  It felt so good!

On Sunday, my dad and I spent most of the day unpacking boxes.  Our goal was to set up the kitchen, and I’m happy to report that we were successful.

Kitchen 002

My favorite room in the apartment!

Kitchen 001

A not so well stocked pantry.  Ha!

The rest of the apartment is pretty bare, except for a couch in the living room and a bed in the guest room.  I’ll definitely share more as we move along in the decorating process.

Well, that’s all I’ve been up to over the past few days.  Vishnu has one more exam, and then we’re off to Atlanta later this week!!  Yay!  As soon as we get back, we’ll be heading to Purvi’s first wedding event!  I can’t wait for all the fun to come over the next month.

When was your last big move?  Did you hire movers or did you do it all on your own?