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Life Lately…

Life lately has been full of a lot of excitement.  One of my best friends just got engaged on Sunday, and I’m so over-the-top happy for her!  I honestly felt like I was reliving my own engagement when I found out about hers.  I love love!


Me and Rosh hiking in AZ!

Life lately has been full of packing.  Lots and lots of packing.  My dad is flying in on Thursday night, and we’re driving down to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday – me in my car and my dad in a U-Haul.  Thank God for my dad!

Life lately has been full of omelets.  My sister called today just as I was finishing dinner, and when I told her what I ate, she laughed.  I’ve been eating an egg white omelet with black beans, goat cheese, and salsa for dinner every other night for the past week and a half.  What can I say – it’s easy and filling.  And anyway, it’s hard to cook when most of your pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets are packed away.

Life lately has been full of funny ideas.  The particular incident I’m thinking about has to do with our new apartment and Vishnu’s inspection.  After getting the keys, he went in to take a look and then called me to let me know everything was good to go.  Almost.  He told me that we would most likely have to put our dresser in the closet because there was no way everything was going to fit in our bedroom.  My initial response was, “You want to put the dresser in the closet?!  What are you talking about!?”  He told me there’s no space for all of our furniture.  I then proceeded to go online and take a closer look at the layout and dimensions for our apartment.  I didn’t know what he was talking about – the master bedroom is huge.  I laughed at his ridiculous comment, but he was still convinced that the dresser was going in the closet.  When he got back to his apartment, he decided to measure all of the furniture to see if it would indeed fit [like I believed].  I got a phone call afterwards, and lo and behold, the dresser will not be going in the closet. 

Life lately has been full of nerds.  I’m done with the first five seasons of The Big Bang Theory.  LOVE THIS SHOW!  I can’t wait for season six to start in September!

One of my favorite scenes!

Life lately has been full of sleepless nights.  And this is frustrating.  There is nothing better then getting into bed, closing your eyes, letting your body relax, and falling fast asleep.  But no.  I get into bed, toss and turn, and get up at least twice throughout the night.  I would be surprised if I was getting a full six hours a night.  This has got to change…ASAP.  I’m really hoping being back at home for a while will help remedy the situation.  *Fingers crossed*

Life lately has been hectic but fun.  Lots of fun. Smile

What has life been for you lately?