10 Years + Travel Etiquette

We honestly didn’t do too much this weekend – relaxed at home, went to a 4th of July pool party, and ran errands.  I’m not complaining though since I only got back from London on Thursday night and wanted to decompress a little.  And Vishnu worked on both Friday and Sunday (that kind of sucked!).

Funny side story before I continue with what this post is supposed to be about.  While Vishnu went to sleep almost immediately after I got home (he had to get up at 4:45 for work) on Thursday, I decided to stay up and watch TV, and of course, ended up falling asleep on the couch.  At one point, I woke up, looked at my watch, saw that it was 5:51 am and freaked out.  I assumed that since I never heard Vishnu moving around, he overslept and was late for work.  I ran into our room and said/semi-yelled, “It’s 5:51.  You’re going to be late!”  As soon as I said that (and woke him up/freaked him out), I looked at the clock on my nightstand and realized that it was 12:51 am.  My FitBit never reset and was still showing London time.  I quickly realized my mistake and told him to go back to sleep.  I felt SO bad.  Poor guy!  My bad!

Moving on…

This past Saturday was mine and Vishnu’s 10th dating anniversary!  Craziness!  Ten years ago on the 4th of July, he asked if dating had crossed my mind.  When I said yes, he said cool, and that was that!  We were officially a couple.

PV 10 years
And a decade later, here we are!

Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store for us!

Moving on once again…

Travel ettiquette
The last couple of years have been filled with a fair amount of travel.  Mainly air travel.  And while I’m so thankful for the opportunities to go both near and far, I’m not a big fan of flying.  Not because I’m scared of something happening, but because I hate the process.

So while flying home on Thursday, in between episodes of Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and New Girl, I jotted down a quick list of how all flyers can help make the process a bit more enjoyable for everyone….a little travel etiquette if you will.

You’ll quickly notice that the theme is to be courteous and use your common sense.

  1. Unless you are about to miss your flight, don’t run in the airport.  Especially when it’s crowded.  I recently saw an older couple almost get run over by a group of teenagers.  That’s not ok!
  2. Respect other people’s personal space.  For example, when standing in the security line (or any line), maintain, at the very least, a foot of distance between you and the person in front of you.  And when you’re on the escalator, don’t stand on the step directly below the person in front of you.  Keep some distance!
  3. When deplaning, let the people in front of you exit their row and get off the plane (unless they tell you to go ahead).  I HATE it when the minute the seatbelt sign is turned off everyone gets up and gets their bags.  JUST WAIT YOUR TURN!
  4. Don’t put your jacket/small item in the overheard compartment.  If it fits under the seat, put it under the seat.  This annoys the crap out of me because it just means that everything gets delayed.  And it’s also super rude!
  5. I understand that not everyone flies on a regular basis, but I always assume most people know about the “no liquids through security” rule.  Not only are there signs as you move through the security line, but also TSA agents are constantly screaming “NO LIQUIDS!”  But of course, I’m almost always proven wrong about my assumption.  I’ve had someone standing in front of me put two water bottles and a large bag of full sized personal care items through the security scanner.  Again this just causes delays and frustrates everyone around you.  Don’t be that person!
  6. I know this is a little subjective but don’t bring stinky/messy food on the plane with you.  I once sat next to a guy who pretty much brought a whole chicken with him on to the plane and proceeded to take it apart and eat it for about an hour.  I wish I was kidding.  I thought I was going to throw up and/or punch him!  Bottom line – it’s rude and disrespectful.  Not to mention gross.

By no means am I saying I’m a perfect flyer.  When travelling with friends, we’ve talked and laughed loudly and probably annoyed people.  No one is perfect!  So maybe the point is that we should ALL (myself included) be a little more aware of our behavior. :)

I hope you had a great weekend (and a wonderful 4th for those in the US)!  And as always, thanks for reading!

What are some of your travel pet peeves?

London – Work, Eat, Play


Nothing too interesting to report here. Lots of meetings, planning, and strategizing for the rest of 2015/early 2016. It’s going to be a busy few months!

Even though I enjoy my job, I must say, having cool coworkers makes it that much better. They all share my love for good food and adventure. There are always amazing restaurants and fun things to do on the agenda when we get together (re: Play below).


I’ve been eating Pret A Manger’s porridge for breakfast every day. You guys, it’s so so so good! I’ve blogged about it before, but for those who missed it, this stuff is creamy, hearty, and delicious. And the berry compote takes it to the next level. Tart, slightly sweet, and mmm mmm good! The combination is out of this world!

Dear Pret, never ever stop selling porridge!

Pret A Manger - Porridge
Remember when my boss and I were in NYC for a conference and we ate at Kati Roll three times in one week? Well, guess what…there’s a Kati Roll in London, and we went for lunch on Monday. Luckily, it was just as good as we remembered it!

Kati Roll - London
While the two restaurants listed above are not new to me, we did check out an entirely new place called Inspiral.  The menu is really unique in terms of it’s offerings.  As in, it’s vegan/vegetarian/raw.

We tried the raw nachos made with flax and cashews, a veggie burger that came with the most delicious vegan mayo, and the raw lasagna with zucchini noodles as the base.  And of course, you can’t leave without trying some rich chocolate/avocado/coconut butter fudge cake (that went unpictured).  So unexpectedly yum!

Inspiral - London

Last time I came to London for similar meetings, my coworkers planned a lot in terms of sightseeing.  This time around, because I’ve seen most everything, we decided to lay low and do something different.  So we went to Regent’s Park and had a picnic!

Picnic - Regents Park - London
Delicious food, great weather, and my goofy colleagues – the perfect combo for a fun evening in the park!

Regents Park - London
Lots of other people had the same idea!

I’m sad my trip is coming to an end, but I can’t wait to see my Vishnu!  It was our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday, and it’s our 10th dating anniversary on Saturday!  So much to celebrate. :)

Thanks for reading!

Getting to London + A Meet-Up

I made it to London!  I was absolutely exhausted and sleep deprived, but I made it. 

Since there are no direct flights to Heathrow from Tampa, I connected through Chicago.  And let’s just say the whole notion of staying calm came into play on this flight.  I had a one (ish) year old directly behind me, and while I can only imagine how hard it is to travel with young kids, it took a lot out of me to ignore the constant kicking and banging.  But I just let it go and sent the mom positive vibes knowing I’ll probably have to go through it at some point and would want people to do the same for me.

During my four hour layover in Chicago, I finished my latest book, walked around the terminal to build up an appetite, and ate dinner at Tortas Frontera (SO good!). 

Then came an almost 10 hour flight to London.  I’m super fortunate that when I travel overseas for work I have the opportunity to fly premium economy.  With that being said, all the extra space did me absolutely no good this time.  My left leg was throbbing the last half of the flight, my neck was killing me the entire time, and I just couldn’t get comfortable.  Not all was lost though.  The guy sitting next to me was super friendly and interesting.  He shared a lot about his life in Mozambique – from his work and family situation to proposing to his girlfriend soon.  Love making airplane friends!

By the time I got through customs and baggage claim and made it to my hotel, it was a little past noon.  I unpacked a bit, showered, and then fell asleep for FOUR HOURS!  I certainly didn’t intend to sleep that long but am glad I did because I was SO tired.

And then I got ready to meet up with Khushboo!  As I mentioned in my last Three Thing Thursday post, Khushboo and I have been reading each other’s blogs for over four years now.  And over the course of time, we’ve gone from commenting on our blogs to emailing each other every now and to finally meeting up in person. 

London meetup with Khushboo 
It’s kind of hard to explain, but as I was getting ready, I thought to myself, “It feels like I’m about to meet an old friend.”  And the funny thing is Khushboo said the same exact thing to me as we were walking around!  Because we regularly read about each other’s lives, our conversation flowed very naturally.  We talked about our recent travels, family, friends, blogging, etc.  And we probably could’ve kept talking all day long if Khushboo didn’t have to be home at a certain time.  It was so much fun, and I’m crossing my fingers that a US meet up is in our future. :)

I felt the hunger pangs hit after getting back to my room, so instead of wandering around aimlessly looking for dinner, I decided to go with the room service route. 

London room service 
Soup and salad sounded like the perfect way to end the day after a long almost 24 hours of travel. 

And now let’s hope I make it through the next few days without yawning every few minutes!

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!!

What kind of flyer are you?  Do you like to pass out and not be bothered or do you always find yourself talking to the person next to you?  I usually pass out and don’t wake up until touchdown, but for many reasons, this trip turned out differently!

A Simple Packing Tip That Could Save You A LOT of Money

I’m going to share a stupidly simple tip that could end up saving you a lot of money.

But first a little background…

Once upon a time, I went to Vegas for Roshni’s bachelorette party.  We ate, we drank, we gambled, and then we came home.  As I was unpacking, I realized that I left a brand new pair of pants, a pair of jeans, and the t-shirt we had made for the weekend in my hotel room.  Uh oh!  The jeans were found and sent back to me, but the pants and the t-shirt were gone.

You’d think I learned my lesson but no…

Fast forward to September.  I was in Chicago for the month because Vishnu was up there for his rotations.  This was also the month I had a week long work trip to London scheduled.

Anyway, as I’m sitting in my friend’s condo watching TV, it suddenly dawns on me that my passport is in the top drawer of our dresser…IN MIAMI!   To make a very long story short, my friend Rohit saved my life.  I mailed him our keys so that he could get into our apartment, get my passport, and send it back to me.  Mind you, all of this happened within days.  It was pretty crazzzzzzy!

And there have probably been a few more times since then where I’ve almost forgotten something (either when packing or repacking) and remembered at the last minute.

So recently, Vishnu stepped in and made a strong suggestion.  He asked me to make as detailed of a list as possible when packing and then duplicate that list on another piece of paper.

packing lists
Note: I know what some of you may be thinking.  Making lists is not a new thing…most people already do that.  And I completely agree.  The thing is I used to make lists too, and I still forgot stuff.  But two very detailed lists?!  Now that’s something.  And it’s actually helping me remember!

I should use one list when I’m packing, and the other list should be tucked away in my suitcase/purse only to be taken out when repacking.

This, he says, should help me avoid what he calls the “oops I forgot” syndrome.  Everything I need to take with me gets packed, AND all my stuff is guaranteed to come back.

Yet another way I am helping us (and hopefully you!) save some big $$$! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Three Things Thursday (16)

This was a pretty big week for us here in the MIS household.  Vishnu officially started intern year on Monday!  To be honest, it’s been a little bittersweet for me.  I’m so happy for him (us) and can’t wait to watch him thrive and grow in his career.  And on the flip side, I know I’m not going to see him as much as I have the past few months.  I guess the good outweighs the bad in this situation.  On to bigger things!

And on to this week’s Three Things Thursday as well!3 Things Thursday(1) We ended up going to see Jurassic World last Friday.  And while it wasn’t as good as Jurassic Park, both Vishnu and I enjoyed ourselves.  It was entertaining and fun to watch on the big screen.  And I pretty much held on to Vishnu’s arm the entire second half, so that same feeling of being a little terrified was still there! 

Movie theater selfie 
A “we are scared” pre-movie selfie!

(2) Did you guys know that Fandango offers BOGO movie tickets every Friday through the end of August?  I didn’t either until Vishnu told me!  The only catch is that you have to have a Visa Signature credit card.  We paid $12 for two movie tickets.  $12!!!  That’s unheard of! 

Click here to check if your credit card is a Visa Signature card.  And click here for the Fandango offer.

(3) My third update has nothing to do with going to the movies.  It is, however, a bit more exciting!  I’m heading to London on Saturday for work.  Not only will I get to see my colleagues that I only see a few times a year and eat my favorite porridge from Pret A Manger, but I will also get to meet up with Khushboo

Khushboo and I have been reading each other’s blogs for four years now, and we finally have the opportunity to meet in person since she’s also visiting London right now!  Can’t wait!!

Well, that’s all I have today!  Your turn to share – what are three things you’ve been thinking about/doing this week! If you’re a blogger, write a post and link back to one or all of the hostesses: Raj from Pink Chai Living, Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch, or Salma from The Write Balance. Then share a link to your post (not your blog’s home page).

Thanks for reading!