“Co-owning” a Calendar With Your Spouse

I recently discovered [for myself] the magical [free] tool that is Google Calendar.  You guys!  I freaking love it.  In fact, I’m a little obsessed at the moment, especially with color coding everything.

So the back story (because there always is one!) goes a little something like this.  When I first got my iPhone over two years ago, Vishnu convinced me to download and use the Gmail app.  And at the time, it was all the rage.  So for the past two years I was solely using that.  And don’t get me wrong, it’s a great app.  But it doesn’t have a calendar feature.  Even that wasn’t an issue because I used my work Outlook calendar as my personal calendar as well.

Then earlier this month it dawned on me – I wanted to share a calendar with Vishnu so that we could map out his shifts at the hospital as well as his upcoming interviews and all of our upcoming travel.  And I couldn’t do that with my Outlook calendar.  I turned to my trusty friend Google for a solution.  And of course, Google told me about it’s very own tool!

I got really excited and started reading guides on how to to ensure your Google calendar syncs with the calendar on your phone.  After deleting the Gmail app and tinkering with a few different settings, it worked!  Everything was showing up just as I wanted on my phone.

The next step was to invite Vishnu to “co-own” this calendar with me.  And because I couldn’t contain my excitement, I shared it with him that very day.  I also named our calendar “ParVish.”  Creativity is my middle name…what can I say!?

When we saw each other later that night, I told him all about what I had done.  Let’s just say he wasn’t as excited about this discovery as I was.  NBD because I was excited enough for the two of us.  In fact, when he mentioned something about one of his interviews, I told him to put it on the ParVish calendar.  This wasn’t enough to generate action…just a head shake.

Well, this past Saturday Vishnu experienced the beauty of having a joint Google calendar with his wife.  He was on his laptop, when all of a sudden he turns to me with a confused look on his face.

Vishnu: Why did I just get an alert about this volunteer event that starts in 30 minutes?
Me: Oh that’s my thing.  You’re seeing it because of our joint calendar!  Cool, huh?
Vishnu: I don’t really want to see all of your things.  Is there a filter?
Me: Absolutely not!  That’s the whole point.  Just ignore it if it doesn’t apply to you!
Vishnu: Well, at least put all my stuff in one color, so I know what’s for me and what’s for you.
Me:  Ok, will do.


Fast forward to earlier this week…

Me: Oh, just FYI…I color coded our calendar so that all of your stuff is in bright red!
Vishnu: Bright red?  Red signifies danger.
Me: [Silence]

I can’t win.  But at least he’s kind of on board with the idea!

Weekend Stuff – Friends and Food

Vishnu’s done with all of his exams!  Next up…residency interviews.  But for now we’re going to focus on the fact that he’s FREE from his books!!!

To be completely honest, it was a little weird to see him just hanging out all weekend.  Weird and of course nice!  He even came to Trader Joe’s with me at 8:00 am on Sunday. 

Let’s rewind a bit because the weekend officially started at 5:00 pm on Friday.  Vishnu and I spent the evening at home eating butternut squash mac n’ cheese and drinking wine (ok fine, it was mostly me drinking the wine!).  I have zero pictures of dinner (or the wine), but it looked very similar to this recipe.  We used Gruyere, Monterrey Jack, and a little bit of Gouda in this version.  Delicious and even better the next day!

On Saturday I went for a run…that didn’t go as well as I wanted (I blame the wine!).  We also cleaned and lounged around for most of the morning.  I attended a volunteer event in the afternoon, and Vishnu relaxed at home. 

The absolute highlight of our day was dinner at Michael’s Genuine with our good friend Rohit.  This is a farm to table type restaurant that serves incredibly unique and fresh dishes made with seasonal ingredients.  We’ve wanted to try this place for a while now, and because a lot of the dishes are heavily meat focused, I figured it would be a better experience for Vishnu to have a fellow meat eater with us.  And I was right!  He and Rohit shared a number of dishes, and if I remember correctly, the pork belly dish was his absolute favorite.  Actually, I know I’m right because we talked about it for five minutes on our way to TJs!

MG - P&V 
My favorite was the butternut squash arancini appetizer (rice balls filled with cheese) – perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.  YUM!

And the sweet potato sundae wasn’t half bad either!  It tasted like Thanksgiving in a glass!

sweet potato sundae 
There was no shortage of good food and good conversation!  We can’t wait to hang out with Rohit more now that he’s a Miami resident again.  In fact, Vishnu’s already planning their next meat filled dinner date!

As I mentioned, Sunday started with a trip to my favorite place – Trader Joe’s!  Speaking of my beloved grocery store, I think it’s time I do another “Favorite TJ’s products” post.  Lots of great finds this week, including tortillas made from both corn and wheat. 

On Sunday afternoon I met up with ROBIN!  I hadn’t seen her since June due to our crazy schedules, so it was wonderful to catch up on each other’s lives.  I miss her so much!  We spent almost two hours at Starbucks talking away.  I’m crossing my fingers that we end up near her for residency!  That would be incredible!

And of course Sunday evening was filled with the one and only…football!  I also made a delicious veggie filled stir-fry and Gina’s zucchini bread – both of which I will share in an upcoming notable meals post (I’m bringing it back!). 

Happy Monday, everyone!

Who did you spend time with this weekend, and more importantly, what did y’all eat?

Words of Marital Wisdom – Part 2

About six months before my wedding, I emailed a number of my female friends/family members and asked them to send me their best marital advice.  And then I shared all of their thoughts in this post.

I loved and appreciated (and still do) all the wisdom they imparted on me!

Now two plus years later, I have a few of my own words of marital wisdom.  I’m a marriage expert after all.  Jusssssssst kidding!  An expert I am not but I do have a few things to share that go beyond the obvious (trust, love, be honest, etc.).


  • No matter what, spend a few minutes each day laughing together.  From what I can tell, this whole marriage thing is supposed to be fun.
  • Say “I love you” as much as possible and say it like you mean it.  Even when you’re angry.  Especially when you’re angry.
  • Don’t say “I’m fine” when you’re not.  Just don’t!
  • If something is bothering you, bring it up…but be nice about it and/or inject a little humor into the conversation.
  • You can’t change your significant other, so don’t bother trying.  People only change when they themselves want to.  Instead, love, support, and appreciate.  You can’t go wrong doing those things!
  • Put your phone away whenever possible, and spend your time wisely.  Remember, your phone isn’t going anywhere.
  • Date nights are important.  Make them a priority.
  • Maintain your own hobbies, interests, etc.  Being married doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip for the next 50 years.
  • Don’t put romance on the back burner.  This isn’t to say that every moment has to be a romantic one but work hard to keep it alive as much as possible.
  • Compliment each other at least once everyday.  And to all my fellow women who have a hard time accepting compliments, just say thanks.
  • Two important words – thank you…say them often!
  • You’re not perfect, your significant other isn’t perfect…basically, perfection does not exist in marriage.  Always remember that!

Annnnd…that’s where my wisdom ends.  I’ll be back with more tid bits in another two years! Haha.

iPhone pics 2 008

And because I love quotes, here is one about marriage that I LOVE!

“The difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is in giving just a little ‘extra’ every day, as often as possible, for as long as we both shall live.”
— Fawn Weaver

What’s the best piece of relationship advice you’ve received?